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Card ratings for Breakthrough

By FunPolice

Hello all, having been with cards since the closed beta I wanted to share my thoughts on all the cards coming with Breakthrough on Dec. 9. This is attempting to look at the cards in the meta until a new expansion releases. Balance changes may change some of these cards but that cannot be told from the time of writing.
One very important warning I want to give is that this is not in any way a crafting guide. Card ratings on the whole should never be used as to what players should spend their crafting resources on as it's entirely opinions and guess work as to what is good and what isn't. If your limited on resources I highly recommend saving them until a meta starts to better form as you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Rating system
1/5 - Unplayable - This card won't see any play outside of draft or won't see play at all.
2/5 - Niche - This card is a tech card or sees play when you have a specific intention with it (such as wanting to preform better against control by being extra greedy).
3/5 - Role Player - This is a card that doesn't define any deck but also sees regular play in at least a single deck.
4/5 - Powerhouse - A build around card or a massive power spike in a certain deck/a card good enough to be seen across several decks.
5/5 - Meta Defining - A card so powerful it becomes one of the things people specifically build their decks to handle. I would say 50% of cards rated this will be nerfed for being to strong.

56. Jager Regiment - 3/5
Lightning Strike - 1/5
U-16 - 3/5
87. Grenadier - 4/5
Pz. Befehlswagen 35t - 5/5
Rapid Engagement - 4/5
Blohm and Voss BV 138 - 4/5
FW 200 Condor - 2/5
Reich Research - 4/5
Stug IIIG Schurzen - 3/5
81. Infantry Regiment - 3/5
Night Hunters - 4/5
Pak 40 - 1/5
Entrapment - 2/5
Me 410 Hornisse - 1/5
The biggest push Germany got was for CM based deck and honestly it seems like it's got a good chance. It offers a lot of cheap disruption on top of strong threats and card draw although it will likely take a while to figure out exactly what is worth running. Something like Discard may be interested in this as a defensive early game that can translate into good late game advantages. Maybe it could even inspire some sort of midrange CM deck even although that's little more than speculation. Midrange decks got a few new tools such as the Stug III and 81. Infantry which are nice curve plays but they didn't get much beyond that. Meanwhile tank aggro got what is likely the strongest card from Germany in the Pz. Befh 35t. which is just insane for the deck. It's everything the deck could want as it's a tank for fast heinz and grief, plus it swarms the frontline rapidly for blitzkreig. Beyond that nutty card the 56. Jager Regiment is also a nice card for the deck acting like a mini version of grief and can help enable the panzer 35t.

Evasive Action - 3/5
Critical Damage - 2/5
Royal Scots - 2/5
Airdrop - 2/5
Avro Anson - 2/5
Irish Guards - 1/5
RAF Ground Crew - 3/5
Royal Research - 4/5
Cruiser Mk III - 4/5
Fog of War - 5/5
Sea Patrol - 1/5
Seaforth Highlanders - 4/5
Second Chance - 4/5
Sunderland Mk V - 1/5
Wellington - 2/5
Britain got various new strategies pushed with the Spitfire tribal deck clearly being one of the bigger ones. With 2 support cards it for sure gives more of an actual reason to play the spitfires but in the end I expect it to fall short. It's still quite slow and playing mostly vanilla units so unless the meta is very bad at dealing big air units I think it will mostly be a budget playstyle. However, I do actually have some hope for British midrange to possibly find some success. The Cruiser alone I think is a massive benefit for many faster British decks as it's a very proactive threat able to really be abused by stuff like the cheap bombers British decks often have. Evasive action is a card that is largely being dismissed as not worth a deck slot but the tempo that could come from it can be quite massive. Combined with something like interception, I think it could find room in a couple different midrange decks as a cheap package of protection for your units which could quickly snowball the board in your favor. Finally there is the control tools Britain got and I think many of these are very potent. Seaforth and Second Chance are both just very solid tools that control will benefit from. Fog of War imo is one of the strongest cards in the set due to how much it can do from putting weak units on top of the enemy deck messing with their draw, to giving Britain a better out against massively buffed units, and the kind of niche scenario of copying your own units. The research card is fine but I think it is mostly going to be outclassed by Commonwealth and at best serves as a back up win con.

128th Rifles - 1/5
456th Rifle Regiment - 5/5
Lesser of Two Evils - 4/5
Reckless Assault - 1/5
Spy Ring - 1/5
Yak 7 - 4/5
Confusion - 4/5
Petlyakov Pe-2FT - 5/5
T-28 - 4/5
35th Mountain Rifles - 5/5
By the Sword - 3/5
ZiS-2 - 2/5
222nd Guard Rifles - 1/5
25th Rifle Regiment - 1/5
Minority Recruits - 4/5
Of all the nations I think the soviets got the most powerful cards. For the most part the Soviets didn't get much in the way of new archetypes unlike many of the other nations and instead we're mostly seeing a lot of potential cards to add to the current value lists. I think the only card that goes beyond value is the 35th Mountain Rifles which I think can largely be agreed is quite broken in conjunction with 34th INfantry from Japan. Play that in pretty much every list you can and you'll just win some games by getting a free 5/5 on like turn 1-2. 456th I think is one of the biggest additions to the Soviet value decks as it is an incredibly powerful 2 drop that can utterly shut down aggro until it is dealt with. I think it really helps to shore up those matchups. The Pe-2FT is also very very good in a value lists and for the most part the deck only has a small handful of deployment effects. If you can pull ahead on board and then play the Pe2 the opponent is gonna have a headache trying to come back from it. Beyond those 2 cards stuff like the Yak 7 and Lesser of Two Evils gives value a lot more consistent draw in their main nation which might be enough to let the Soviet value lists run different nations as an ally. Meanwhile confusion is simply an amazing tool for the deck thanks to Ural/Red Banner and it's ability to really stomp aggro decks down. Finally, the T-28 essentially can let you rebuy some key unit such as 6th Airborne or 83rd Naval.

32nd Infantry Regiment - 5/5
M10 Wolverine - 3/5
Overcast - 3/5
Sniped - 3/5
4th Marines - 3/5
Bolster the Ranks - 4/5
US Military Research - 4/5
Campaign Trail - 2/5
PBY Catalina - 5/5
120mm M1 Gun - 1/5
75th Rangers - 4/5
C-47 Skytrain - 1/5
Special Assignment - 2/5
USAAF Spitefire IX - 3/5
47th Infantry Regiment - 1/5
The new archetype with US seems to be some sort of low operation cost style midrange deck and they got some really good tools for it. 32nd Infantry is one of the big stand outs as it gives these decks a massive boost to their early game as drawing a single one of them can smooth several turns out. The cheap bodies also fit amazingly well at helping to get the frontline and set up for that powerful turn 4 sherman. The partner in crime for that is 75th Rangers who then let's you set the Shermans operation cost to 0 and use it while still putting out a bug infantry unit. The curve in general looks very very strong for a deck like this. Bolster the Ranks seems just incredibly powerful and obviously meant to combo with 4th Marines but honestly it seems worth it on a lot of units especially tanks like the Sherman or M4A1. I would expect whatever midrange deck to pop up to have this in there as a core card. Beyond that there is a couple nice cards for ramp like the Spitfire alongside some more interesting cards like Overcast which may or may not be worth it in ramp.

Experimental Flight - 4/5
Wakamatsu Regiment - 3/5
Outmaneuver - 2/5
Take Initiative - 2/5
Mikawa Regiment - 3/5
Toyama Regiment - 3/5
Type 97 Shinhoto - 5/5
Greater Purpose - 1/5
Ki-83 - 5/5
Yamato - 3/5
Costly Victory - 2/5
Ki-100 Goshiken - 4/5
Type 92 105mm Field Gun - 1/5
Utsonmiya Regiment - 3/5
Kawanishi H6K - 5/5
Japan is getting a mix of interesting card combined with some very very powerful cards. To start, cards like Type 97 is just utterly bonkers and a card we're going to see in like everything with Japan. It's probably their best card of the set which seems crazy to say but the card is just that solid and consistent. The Kawanishi breaths a huge amount of life into the Japanese order based decks and might honestly push them into a top meta slot. Being able to use seirans early on while stilling having something to combo with last rites is massive for the deck and gives it a lot of wiggle room. Beyond those 2 cards Jaggro got a good amount of new tools to mess around with. Yamato, Utsonmiya Regiment, Wakamatsu, Mikawa Regiment, and Ki-83 are all very strong and interesting options to consider in the deck. The main thing is gonna be figuring out what can be cut for what which is a good sign a deck is going to be sticking around in the future. Control Japan also got a few interesting tools. First off, Experimental Flight gives a massive boost to the consistency of a self discard package by letting you always hit a betty or supply chain while also getting an extra unit. I could see it becoming the primary draw engine of a possible control deck. The Toyama Regiment is a strong defenseive guard that can really shut down certain aggro decks like Jaggro who lack damage based removal. Toyama having 4 attack makes it a nightmare for Jaggro which could be quite important in the card seeing play. The Ki-100 Goshiken is the final card I could see in control and it's gonna compete with the zero in deck slots. The Ki-100 is very very good at trading and also better at actually killing the enemy but is a turn slower before it does anything. The lack of ambush also makes this slightly worse at stopping bombers. It will be interesting to see if this can make the cut in a Japan control list.

73e Regiment D'Infantrie - 2/5
Potez 63.11 - 2/5
Phoney War - 3/5
The French cards are very interesting in what they bring to the table. The 2 mobilize cards offer some of the best mobilize cards we've seen so far and there could be something there. However, is it enough to push the archetype into a viable position? I remain doubtful it ends up that good even if the cards themselves are quite good. Phoney Was is a card I think has more potential as a possibly strong tool in resistance. By filling the enemy hand it potenitally powers up all of your resistance effects by making them more likely to fill the enemy hand while also powering up key cards like the 1er Etranger Regiment and Liberation.

Fiat G.50 - 4/5
Lion for a Day - 5/5
6th Alpini Regiment - 4/5
I think Italy is the bigger winner in terms of the 2 minor nations and what they got. All 3 cards seem very very powerful in general. The Fiat G.50 is a great cheap unit that scales amazingly well with buffs. Even ignoring that we've seen that 2 kredit 2/3s that heal see consistent play in slower decks and I think this is a very good card for slower decks. Lion for a Day I think is very obvious as to why it's so powerful. Just being able to destroy pretty much any big unit for 3K is very very powerful. Combined with Human Torpedo it's a lot of strong hard removal in a deck. Then finally the 6th Alpini Regiment finally gives us the chance to run 12 alpine units in out Italian ally slots. Current alpine lists lack practically any defensive tools so this could be quite a strong addition to see in those decks giving it a bit of breathing room if it falls behind. Plus 6th is also one of the biggest alpine units we've seen and it's a lot more likely to stick around for a turn to help enable further alpine synergy. I expect most alpine decks to be running it from now on.

Well those are my thoughts enjoy Breakthrough everyone :)