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The K-league is back !

By Isenberg

Hello Kards enthusiasts!

My name’s Rydekk. Founder and one of the organizers of the K-league!

A few months ago, the K-league had its first, small scale tournament and completed it with success. Our format of the group stage, followed by double elimination allowed us to see what we could improve upon. And having evaluated this, it’s time for our humble competition to grow bold.

Starting September, the K-league makes its grand re-entrance into the competitive scene!
A weekly covered competition that comes to a conclusion every 3 weeks with opportunities for players to grow their skill in the competitive scene even when they’re not at the very top of it just yet. 

The new format splits the competition into 3 divisions. Gold, Silver and copper divisions.


Each division comes with its own prizes and difficulty. With gold having the best prizes and toughest opponents and copper being the entry level division for people to get adjusted to the competitive scene. Each “season” will shuffle the competition up a bit, with people relegated and promoted through the divisions depending on their performance.

While we go bold with this format, it’s not our final form and we yearn to expand and improve as time goes forward. In many ways, the first season of the K-league will still have training wheels attached to it in a way. But only because we’re ambitious and we want to keep improving ourselves in this competitive scene.

So why do we do what we do?

The premise of this is simple. To see the Kards community grow and be more involved.
With the K-league we have two objectives.

First is to provide a solid and fair recurring competition where players can evolve and become professional Kards players while also providing entertaining and helpful content for people to watch. The reason we decided to split the competition in 3 sections is to allow players from various skill levels to improve without being bombarded and outcompeted by much better players while also giving them a taste of what's to come. It’s why in copper, the prize pool is limited to card packs and coaching sessions, because we expect the players in this part of the competition are still seeking knowledge and expansion in their collection. And it’s the reason why in silver and gold we focus more on money prizes. Players can climb these divisions, or drop down. It gives a fair challenge while keeping things exciting for both the players and viewers.

So what can you expect?
As a participant you can expect a more streamlined experience as I am proud to announce we partnered with both and the host of the Kardsbot on discord. These two work together so that people can fetch deck information from their opponents, player statistics from the tournament and more right on our hub exclusively on the official K-league discord ( 


As a viewer, you can expect a great many things.

Because, new to the K-league is a weekly, video covered competition with not just only games, but interviews, analysis, highlights and more as well, coming soon on our own page (

As time progresses, we seek to expand our prize pool even further as we will do our best to draw in sponsors to help fund the competition as we are currently partly privately funded.

We really want to do things professionally and as such, there are a great deal of things we also expect from our participants. 


So what do we expect from you? 

Because we are ambitious in this project, we expect that all participants are to be professional and dedicated to the competition due to its length and requirements. All games in Gold/Silver are to be recorded so we can cover these on our platforms due to a lack of a proper tournament mode.
Once a functional spectator mode works we are more than happy to switch to that but for now pre-recorded footage has to suffice because of the sheer volume of games that will need to be played each week. 7 rounds in gold and 11 in silver as examples. We cannot cover them all but we will show the best games all-round! It’s what makes the K-league stand out from other competitions. While others dedicate themselves to one or two weekends, our competition lasts 3 weeks. So dedication and passion for the sport is necessary.

While I’m personally experienced and dedicated to the project, I am but one man. So i’m glad I can rely on the following people. 

Bubbles - Organiser
Scoutshout - Shoutcaster
Blue Blast - Shoutcaster
Isenberg - partner
Lynchie - Kardsbot provider.
Olikrummi - 1939 games community and esports manager.
All the current and upcoming participants in the K-league!

Here are a few words from some of the people involved.

"I participated in the first edition of the K-league and it was great! Everything was how it should've been, the group system, the double elimination finals. Everyone was approached the same way and had the same amount of opportunities to win. That's what fits my vision for the Kards Esports community. I wanted to do my own competition but after seeing how Rydekk hosted his first K-league, decided to help him grow his instead and that's why I decided to partner with him."

“I strongly believe that independently or 3rd party run leagues and events, supported by the devs or not, are vital to creating a healthy competitive environment for kards. Rydekk has shown he has both the skills and the passion to run such an event and inspires me to support the k-league in whatever means possible. I think everyone interested in kards should either compete or come watch the broadcast. And I will personally fight in hand to hand combat with anyone who doesnt come and have a good time.”

Bubbles, Organiser K-league.

"I wish to grow as a shout caster and have a great interest in the growth of the K-league and the KARDS community in general."

Scoutshout, Shoutcaster. 

On behalf of the K-league team, we thank you for your time reading this.
We hope you are as excited as we are, no matter if you just want to watch or play along!