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Fixing France 2 - Mobilize

By FunPolice

Of all three articles I’ve planned out to rework France this is the article that has me the most excited and confident in its changes. Currently mobilize is a mechanic that is very easy to disrupt and limited in what design process it has. There isn’t exactly much you can do with a keyword that infintely gives +1/+1 becuase making it to strong could lead to annoying snowball type cards which ruin the fun. On the other hand since any damage ends the mobilize keyword and ping effects being so popular (pings are effects that deal 1 damage) in the game means mobilzie has completely failed to find any use and even in draft where much worse deck. What that all means is that currently mobilize is in a bad postion that can't really be made good and has ended up almost completely useless leaving countless cards in France uesless. So to start here is my proposed change to the resistance keyword.

The new Mobilize will read as follows: Mobilize X - At the start of your turn decreas this count by 1. When it reaches 0 do something. 

To clarify a few things
1. The only way to stop this new mobilize effect can only be stopped by either killing the unit or somehow removing it from the board (like sending it to hand).
2. This effect would only trigger a single time normally. Some cards may be able to help effects trigger several times and that is a small theme within this rework.
A massive change is that this no longer has infinite scaling which allows a much greater control over how strong cards can be since there are many ways to better balance them. You can do stuff like have short mobilize effects that aren't that powerful but only take 1-2 turns to activate or you can also have really pwoerful effects that take 3+ turns to activate. There is a lot more that we could talk about but let's just go right into the rework before this goes on for to long.

48e Regiment D'Infanterie - To start off let’s talk about one of the cheapest mobilize units which has now if allowed to live long enough will turn into a strong 3/5 guard which is a fantastic defensive tool. However there is also plenty of time where you can attack and kill it or just soften it up so it’s easier to handle when the mobilize triggers. In fact I could even see this as a 2/3 without it being to strong.

French 75 - Currently one of the worst cards in the game. I’ve attempted to make it a decent artillery piece that can have a really powerful turn where it can swing the board in your favor. Using buffs alongside this could increase that swing even more but it should be kept in line by being unable to attack HQs on that turn. Overall this hopefully makes it a more appealing unit that would no longer be one of the worst cards in the game.

2e Brigade - If allowed to fully mobilize this unit will become a 6/9 which is actually a slightly stronger Grenadier Guards albeit slower. It does have the potential of getting quite good trades and then fully repairing into a powerful unit. 5K for a 3/6 guard on its own is a bit understated in attempts to keep it from being to good as it grows. However as with every card I would want this to be balanced into a playable card so maybe this need a bit more of a boost overall.

Char B1 bis - The first time this unit takes damage reset it’s Mobilize. The Char B1 was recently buffed to be cheaper and that has failed to make this a viable option. Hopefully this rework would make the Char B1 a much bigger threat overall as the combination of being a bit tougher and drawing cards quickly should make this more useful as a top end for some midrange decks. It’s rapid mobilize effect also makes it very useful for a lot of the support cards further on in this article.

Sortie - The first support card for this rework is hopefully a pretty important one. Resetting mobilizes is a pretty serious effect as those can be quite powerful spikes so getting them numerous times could help a lot on snowballing an advantage. The small buff should make this overall worth running but there are other options such as fully repairing the unit if the buff is to strong or something else is wanted. 

H75-C1 - Being able to speed up your mobilize triggers is potentially really powerful as it means those power spikes happen at a quicker rate. In particular the 1/3 curves right into this bad gets to activate its mobilize becoming a 3/5 guard alongside this unit coming down. That is a pretty powerful curve so I think testing would need to be done to see if it’s alright or if maybe this unit needs to be a little more expensive.

155 C Modele 1917 - One important note is that this card does not care about the mobilize keyword counting down or if the mono low keyword has already been completed. It simply triggers the effect one time regardless of anything else. This essentially means that as long as you have a mobilize unit on the board this can get some pretty good value. Almost any mobilize will enjoy this being able to double up their effects at any time while also being a pretty serious artillery on its own. I expect this is probably one of the best cards in this rework and would be the biggest enabler for a deck based around mobilize to work. There is some implications of this being incredibly powerful if in the future more mobilize effects are printed that would normally take several turns (4+ turns).