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Fixing France 1 - Resistance

By FunPolice

Resistance is a mechanic that has probably caused the most negative reaction to it that I have seen since the closed beta. There are numerous complaints about it such as people not liking how it mills their deck (removes the top cards before you can play them), how it largely is a mechanic that ignores the board, to probably the most prevalent complaint of it overfilling your hand and denying you the ability to draw cards. Today I want to take the time to try to fix resistance to address these problems.
To begin I need to lay out a few key points that I am basing this article on:

1. Resistance needs to maintain some aspects of what it currently does. Essentially, I can't just rework the mechanic to be whatever I want. I'm going to keep the main aspects adding cards resistance cards to the enemy hand, resistance cards milling when played, and cards that punish people for keeping resistance in their hand. I think those are all important things and I won't be drastically changing any of them in a major way.
2. I am not aiming to drastically alter the power level of resistance. This is not meant to be a set of changes that nerfs resistance into being useless nor is it an attempt to buff resistance into a meta tyrant. Ideally this redesign keeps resistance a niche choice that is mainly there to counter certain decks. If it's made to be a little more viable in general, I'm not opposed to it but the main goal is not about power level but more so changing the fun people have with it.
3. When I went about designing this remake, I plan on having resistance win through being proactive on the board instead to locking down the hands of various opponents. To do this I broke down the resistance cards in 2 types. Type 1 is the set-up cards that will be the ones actually adding resistance to the enemy hand. Type 2 are the payoff cards which is intended to be the strongest part of resistance with this rework and are largely going to be impacting the board in some significant way if they activate. There is some amount of crossover that various reworks will do but this was a useful way to catergorize and make this rework.
These 3 points have been guidelines in the creation of this rework but it is very important to stress that these cards/stats are in no way set in stone. They are completely open to being changed in any way that is needed. As I have no way to test these, I simply have to guess what would be balanced or fun to play against so please take the numbers as a grain of salt. I mainly made these to better show my intentions with this rework and to get the main ideas across.

So to begin with the card reworks themselves, let's change the actual card resistance: (Also apologies for the somewhat ugly custom cards. They were made last minute in order to give a visual becuase it helps a lot to convey ideas rather than just text)

You may think it's crazy to be putting resistance cards to cost 2K each but with how much of a reduction I am bringing in terms of how many are added it's an important change. As stated before the goal overall is to make resistance less annoying to play against and even though the individual resistance cards will be harder to remove they also should have a much harder time filling hands up (outside of those occasions where someone has 7-8 cards in hand which I think it's reasonably for resistance to punish that by overfilling the hand). I would say this resistance is something that can't be ignored forever but it's more a slow burn that instead has it's best punishments on the board rather than from so many resistance overfilling the hand.

VIVE LA FRANCE - So as you may notice vive only is adding a single resistance card to the enemy hand but the aforementioned change of making resistance cards cost 2K makes it harder to get rid of that single resistance card. This is a pretty basic change that doesn't alter much of Vive beyond the resistance being more condensed in the enemy hand.

Expeditionary Corps - No changes I feel as though the expeditionary corps does not need any changes to it even though they do get a buff with the more expensive resistance card. I don't have a whole lot to say about this unit otherwise it seems in a good place.

Arming the Resistance -  It’s a difficult task of trying to change various resistance adding cards to be more interactive and between this card and liberation I could not find changes that really fit for me. However, I would say arming is mostly meant to set up resistance in the enemy hand which this version of the card does well. Making any resistance in their hand into 3K orders does make them even more awkward to deal with but it shouldn’t be nearly as annoying as the current iteration which can fill the hand with several very expensive resistance cards. This has been reduced to 3 kredits because the effect is much more tame overall but the exact numbers can be worked out in actual balancing. I can totally see more drastic changes being made to this card and if you have any ideas feel free to leave them in the poll linked further in this article.

Liberation - This is a relatively small change in terms of the overall effect of this card but it does really show the theme of having resistance add significantly less resistance to hands. However, this is hopefully offset by the scaling ability of the heal. I would say this should often be healing 6-8 health per use on average unless the enemy is extremely diligent in handling resistance where it instead would only heal for 4. However, there would need to be a lot of testing with this change because I can see a future where this version for the card is just too weak. As with arming feel free to add your ideas in the poll with this card as I am not completely satisfied with this version either.

B26 Groupe Beterange - The first completely reworked unit that now has a pretty serious upside for the people that do not deal with resistance in a timely manner. At 4K dealing 2 damage to all enemies would honestly be a pretty solid order in its own right. Getting a decently sized bomber alongside it could be a pretty serious board swing in your favor. However due to how adding resistance to the enemy hand is much harder it should be quite expensive to add 2 resistance to the enemy hand on the same turn you play a B26 which hopefully keeps it balanced (At it's cheapest that is 8 kredits). This card I think quite well offers a lot of opportunity for people to play around it because they have a good amount of control as to when it is active.

Sabotage - 4K Deal 4 damage to a unit. Costs 1 less for each resistance in the enemy hand. Removing the ability of sabotage to hit HQs is honestly a pretty serious nerf to the card and takes away a potential win con for resistance lists (mainly using it alongside some other burst). So, the hope is that the potential to be super-efficient removal could let resistance decks either control the board or have some powerful tempo turn. 4 damage was chosen because it's enough to deal with a lot of units but also is just short of many other mid-late game units. If it did say 5 damage to any unit that may be to efficient especially with how cheap this can be.

Western Allies - 5K for each resistance in the enemy hand, summon a unit from your main nation that costs 3K or less. This is probably the biggest change that will come with this possible resistance change but this would be a potential way for resistance to turn punish people holding resistance by creating a large board of units from a single card. 5 kredits for up to four units in the support line is a lot of stats that can come seemingly out of nowhere but as with the other resistance matters cards there would be control for the opponent as to how powerful this card is. However, by taking the time to weaken cards like this they also are wasting kredits on their turn slowing them down potentially a good amount.

With that we come to the end of this article and now I want your opinions and thoughts on this potential rework for probably the only thing France can really offer outside of draft formats. Do you hate these proposed changes? Love them and want them in the game right now? Do you think resistance needs a bigger rework overall? Or do you even think resistance is fine as it currently is in the game? No matter what make sure to share your opinions in this poll on google forums. It's anonymous so no need to worry about anyone knowing what you think but all opinions and thoughts are appreciated and who knows maybe with enough support this could be an actual set of changes!

Please use this link to access the poll.