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New Kards expansion : Gambles of War (fanmade)

By Isenberg

Welcome to the early years of the war, where chaos and wild ideas were abundant. With Germany blowing through defenses like a leafblower and USA being dragged into a war that didn't include oil, the second World War was well underway. While popular operations like the invasion or France or the invasion of Russia are well known and documented. Others, like the invasion of Greece by the Italians or the Japanese kicking the commonwealth's navy ass during the first years not so. With Gambles of War, the focus laid in bringing some more exotic units and ideas on the table.
Innovating while not straying away from nation focusses but more providing supplementary cards for use. Examples USA has a strong foundation for ramp, but it still lacked the synergies to really snowball. Which is why cards like 26th Cavalry or Taskforce 61 were created. The Brits are very strong when it comes to control, but somewhat lacked enough tools for early game aggro.
Cards like Last defense, Punjab, Chindit or Otter gives the brits some more flexibility against these kind of tactics. Soviet card focus laid with providing more tools to disrupt and hurt the opponent with some impactful cards like Yak-1, Renewed Initiative and Artillery support. The Germans already have a substantial amount of disruption themselves and their early game aggro is superb but their mid/late game while strong lacked a bit of sustain.
Cards like Field intelligence or Fight another day helps reinforce this while Sicherheidsdienst is perhaps the best tool against control decks. While fanmade, I hope the devs look at these ideas and think "hey, this is good! Let's think about this!" and help them with the future development of the meta. I'll be making more fanmade Kards expansions in the future, the next 45 card collection focussing on the late stage of the war and appropiatly dubbed "the end game".
If you like what I make, please check me out on both Youtube/ and i'm frequently active on Discord (official Kards among other communities) so if you have a question or suggestion you can contact me over there! Hope you enjoyed it! Special thanks to Isenberg, Thedevilisahandsomeman, Furious, Scoutshout and DynamoD for balance in this collection!