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Theatres of War: Card Reveals for Day 7 (ALL REMAINING CARDS NOW SHOWN)

By FunPolice

With so many cards being revealed I'm gonna have some lightning rounds becuase there is simply so much to cover!

Special Delivery - Drawing 3 cards for only 3 kredits has the potential to be pretty insane. Ramp is a deck that can skip the early game to an extent making it so they don't need to run as many 3K or less cost cards which makes special have less and less downside. There is also the fact that this counters resistance which is very nice.

Pursuit - Forcing an enemy unit to retreat while also lowering operation costs is an intersting pair. The more units you have to move/attack with, the more powerful this card gets since it essentially saves you a kredit per unit you use. I think some aggro or midrange deck could find this very useful to retreat a guard or some threatening unit while still getting to use your own.

Delaying Tactics - This seems like a fantastic stalling tool for how cheap it is. Forcing the enemy to have to move their units back into the frontline could really slow down aggro decks or throw a midrange deck off curve which gives you time to get into the late game. If the enemy has to many units in it's support line you could even bounce the enemy units back to their hand which could be quite powerful. I could see numerous control and combo decks looking for this card as a strong, cheap way to buy time against faster decks.

Panzer III-G - This will seemingly compete with the Flammpanzer as it has the same cost and stats with a different ability. I see the flamm is much more useful against aggro while the III-G with its blitz and immunity to pin will be much stronger against control. When the game drags out the blitz alone makes this way stronger than the flamm which often ends up as a vanilla 3/4 while this can apply pressure or immediatly kill something off.

P-39 Ariacobra - This essentially has Heavy Armor 2 against ground units which makes it extremely tough to kill with ground units. If possible, getting this into the frontline could potentially shut a deck out of the game until it can find an order to remove it. However, at 4 kredits and without anything like a deployment effect or blitz this is very slow which is it's biggest downside. It's an interesting card and I could only really envision it in a ramp deck which could in theory get it out on turn 3 after playing war machine.

No. 1 Commando - This card is insane! 3 health, the potential to kill any unit it can attack (at least those that don't have heavy armor which blocks this affect), all at a very cheap 2 kredits makes this very powerful. I see this card being everywhere and there isn't much else to it. It's just a really good 2 drop which is great for Britain to help contest against various faster decks.

M13/40 - The single Italian unit from this expansion is a pretty decent one. 3/4 stats for 3 is the vanilla rate and the deployment offers a lot of flexibility. If you're ahead on the board this becomes a seriously dangerous unit with fury and blitz. You could even drop this and attack for 6 damage before the enemy can react! On the other hand when you're on the backfoot the guard is a decent defensive option to have. I think the main problem is that there isn't an exact home for this right now. Alpine decks don't have any slots to give to this and it's hard to say if an aggro deck can spend so much on a unit like this but that does seem to be the most likely place it would show up.

M3A3 Honey - As a British 2 drop this isn't as outright powerful as the No. 1 Commandos but it could be very useful. Britain has a lot of ways to draw cards and is a nation that has a big payoff for having a lot of health (commonwealth). I could also see this in combination with the Crusader and Commando deck which can turbo charge the amount of health you are getting from this.

B6N Tenzan - For 5 kredits this seems a bit to expensive to use. It's meant for a pin heavy deck so maybe in there it would find a use simply for the critical mass needed but you still have to pair this up with some other card to destroy anything. Without that destruction effect a 3/3 bomber that can pin a unit isn't the most impressive thing. I don't think this is enough to make a pin heavy deck viable but it could be a decent tool for whenever it does happen.

61st Infantry Regiment - Although this is a bit basic as a 4/4 guard that draws a card it's still a flexible and powerful card. Currently the Takasagi Regiment is the dominating 4 kredit guard for Japan and I still believe that unit is better currently but having 3 more guards to play on turn 4 is a massive boost in consistency. On top of that being able to have more incidental draw is very useful for Japan who currently kinda lacks it. Outside of 33rd Recon most of the Japanese draw comes from the very expensive Empire of the Sun so this unit is gonna help slower Japan decks not run out of cards at the wrong time.

17th Rifle Regiment - Seeing the initial reaction seems like the general thought is that this card is incredibly strong but I'm disagree. 6 kredits for a 5/5 that does not have a deployment effect or a destrutcion effect often needs to be amazing in stats or have some form of protection. The healing the 17th have does indeed provide some protection from smaller attacks but it isn't something like being protected from orders like seen on the Panther G. On top of that this unit is actually kinda fragile when it comes to attacking enemy units since the enemy will then have their entire turn to finish it off before it heals. 5/5 isn't the most durable of statlines around the 6 kredit point of the game and often there are various units that can just trade with it. I think this card will be great for more budget players who lack the elites for Soviet Value but at more serious levels of competition there are better options such as the numerous elites the Soviets can use (6th Airborne, Naval Brigade, etc).

2/5 Marines - Although likely not as outright powerful as the British No.1 Commandos this unit is still quite cheap and is able to trade into a pretty large amount of units. 6 damage to anything in the frontline is enough to kill almost anything under 6 kredits and notably kills stuff like the 980 Volksgrenadier or the Panther G which are both pretty amazing things for a 2 drop to trade into. If you end up using this aggressively then a 2K 3/2 is nothing noteworthy but isn't super weak at damaing the HQ but this is mainly for dealing a lot of damage in the HQ.

1er Regiment Etranger - This seems like a extremely powerful unit to play with resistance becuase it will not be hard to get this to a 7/7 or bigger which you can immediately move into the frontline. The only real downside I see for this unit is that it takes up 3 of the precious ally slots which might lead to resistance decks needing to cut some resistance cards to make room. I think it's a worthwhile trade off becuase of how powerful this unit can be at ending games when the enemy is already having hand issues from the Resistance cards.

Patrol - An amazing 2 cost order for US decks. Currently the US has to play both awoken giant alongside gunship mission to have cheap removal against both lines. Patrol can hit any unit and could potentially free up sveral deck slots for other cards which is quite powerful. On top of that having a card that can counter destruction effects and guards gives US decks a lot of flexbility and the potential to hose certain cards incedentally. I would exdpect to be seeing this card a whole lot in stuff like Ramp or Control decks.

Outflank - This will directly compete with amphibious assault for slots in various Japanese decks. Outflank being able to be hit any guards even the masssive ones like Osaka Regiment and Grenadier Guards does have a lot of appeal as it can let your units keep attacking the enemy HQ without having to go through those otherwise powerful walls. However it does end up as a dead card if the enemy doesn't run few if any guards which can happen against a couple decks. WHich is where amphibous asault proves more useful since it just has to hit anything with 3 or less attack. I can see either card being a viable choice depending on what is popular.

Direct Hit - This mostly seems like a tech card for when 0 operation cost units are all over the game (like it was the last several months). It's nice to have this for the furture but currently I don't see a massive amount of use for this. It also being able to ping any unit for 1 is also nice so it has uses in any matchup even if that is a very minor effect.

Air Power - Flexibility is always a nice factor and this tech card does offer that quite well. Obivously 3 kredit to kill any tank is pretty storng and most decks are going to have at least a couple tanks kicking around so it shouldn't often be a card that gets stranded in your hand. If it does (like against air decks) then the other option of just dealing 2 damage is something that can be used. It is obvoiusly not good to spend 3 kredits to deal 2 damage but it's better than other tech cards which are just outright dead in your hand. Do note this can also hit the enemy HQ so it can even be a small burn effect if that's what you really need.

Root Out - Germany getting an AOE is somewhat intimidating. At 4 kredits this comes down at a point where it can kill off most early game units that have 2 or less health which is quite powerful. Even later in the game you could use it in tandem with other orders to shrink a big enemy unit and then kill it with another order or even with a blitz unit that you play after Root Out. The primary downside to this card is that you can also hit your own units and they will remain shrunken during the enemy turn leaving them open to similar combos.

Tractor Factories - At 9 kredits getting 2 5/5 blitz tanks is technically a discount but also kinda lackluster in terms of impact. You have to pay 11k to do 1 action with 1 of the T34s and to do any more you will need to be using ramp cards to get above 12K. Having this card spawn 2 units is nice becuase it means the opponent can't use a single removal order to kill everything that tractor factories puts on the board. I think this would fit into some sort of Soviet Ramp deck if that existed but otherwise is seems a bit to clunky to use.

Target Acquired - To start off with this card I think that japan aggro would never want to run this. The entire point of removal in japan aggro is meant to save your units so they can keep attacking the enemy HQ and this card requires you waste 1 unit to trigger it. I instead see this in decks that can get off free attacks with bombers or artillery pieces since those won't die while setting up target acquired. In fact it seems like British Air would really enjoy this card over what they currently try to run in precision bombing. It will be interesting to see where this card ends up but I can almost assure you that it's going to be with bombers and artillery.

And with that everything is out! There is a lot of power and interesting stuff crammed into these 40 cards and I can't wait for tomorrow when we can start brewing with them. I already have numerous decks I want to build and try out involving so many of the new cards. If I can I might post a collection of decks for other to try out if I'm not to busy playing with them in the coming days! :)