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NEW EXCLUSIVE CARD REVEAL + Theatres of War: Card Reveals for Day 4, 5, 6

By FunPolice

Another 3 days of interesting card reveals of which many were SOviet cards. We've now actually seen most of the Soviet cards coming with Theatres but let's not waste anymore time and get right into it!

Stand Fast - 3 kredits for +5/+5 is obviously a huge amount but giving the unit +5 operation cost makes it incredibly difficult to use. You essentially spend 8 kredits for that first attack which is to expensive to be any good. So it would have to be used in some other way where the operation cost increase doesn’t matter. The most obvious way is to combine it with a guard that you don’t plan on moving which turns that guard into a massive wall. There is also the option to use it on something in the frontline which makes it so the enemy has to deal with that big unit if they want to use infantry or tanks. The last notable option is to somehow reduce the operation cost with another card which currently only really exists in land of the free. That last option is likely a fantasy currently but is something to keep in mind should more cards that work with it come around. (Also just a little sidenote but this has to be one of my favorite art pieces currently in the game!)

Conscripts - This is not a card I really see in the current version of soviet tokens due to how those decks aren't often waiting around for value and are rather trying to beat players down before they can mount a sufficent defense against the waves of 1/1s. However, this card does provide a ridiculous amount of light infantry if you can wait around. Even just 1-2 copies of this card will often mean you end up with each reserve filling your hand with light infantry. So is there a possiblity to make a token deck that looks to take the game long? It would in theory use the tokens to pressure the enemy without much investment in actual cards for you. The draw a card on conscripts also is super important to make this card not to slow which is fantastic any deck that is going to run this becuase you won't spend a card from your hand for the shuffle effect.

Ura! - A board wide boost effect that hits everything is already something we don't normally see but this card comes along with the addition of letting you deal incedential damge to the HQ is very interesting. When you play this you're going to be able to kill the enemy untis while still damaging the enemy HQ which could be quite strong in the right scenario. Artillery and Bombers are likely the best units to use this becuase you can freely kill the enemy units but even just on the midrange soviet tanks this could be quite powerful. Imagine using a t-34 (which is a 7/5 thanks to Ura!) to attack and kill a 3 health bomber which would cause you to deal 4 damage directly to the HQ while also removing that annoying bomber! It also can just be an alpha strike card you use to just buff your units up and then directly kill the enemy HQ. The flexibility of this card seems like it should find a place in some deck.

Wespe - Compared to the M7 Priest this is a massive improvment over that artillery. Being an passive effect compared to a deployment effect has various pros and cons but I think it's overall a big improvment. Not having to set up the board in order to get the 3 attack makes the Wespe way easier to play on turn 3 comapred to the Priest. Germany has so many different tanks to play that it also will be super easy to activate the requirement without almost any effort. 3 health nmo matter what also makes this more likely to survive comapred to the Preist when you didn't pull of the deployment effect. We've seen some German artillery decks recently so this seems like a auto inclusion in those decks and we will see if the Wespe can make those lists top meta contenders.

Scouting Party - The potential to draw 5 cards for only 4 kredits can be pretty insane for aggro decks who can easily abuse those extra cards rapidly. That is a less than likely scenario however becuase it's doubtful a deck consisting of only Japanese units and two Scouting Party will be better than other aggro decks. Currently Japan aggro relies on RIsing Sun as it's primary draw card but that can be a liablity if they never get the frontline (often happens in mirriors to the person going second) or it's to late becuase the control deck has some big unit in the frontline. Scouting Party remains very strong no matter what point in the game it is since it has no condition outside of when building your deck. On average you need to be drawing about 3 cards to make scouting party worth and although I lack the exact math to decide how many japanese units you need I would probably say about 30ish cards would need to be Japanese units to mazimize the chances of getting 3+ draws. The main question is mostly about if a deck can support Scouting Party without to many compromises becuase if they can then Scouting is going to be insane draw for aggro decks. (Also a quick side note there is some synergy with self discard that lies withing Supply Chain which is an order you can run without losing it to Scouting)

Now for the moment everyone is waiting for, Our exclusive card reveal!

503rd Motors - It’s very nice to see the Soviets getting more cards in their own nation to buff their light infantry. Currently, Frontal Assault is the only card the Soviets themselves can use to buff their light infantry. So having 3 more buffs as redundancy could help tokens be more consistent overall which is a big benefit for tokens. Soviet tokens can now 7 main nation buffs alongside any that come from allies which means that practically any board of light infantry can suddenly turn very threatening. 503rd makes Soviet tokens even able to more reliably stack multiple buffs on the same board which could be massive. Using the alliance and then the 503rd makes Soviet tokens into 4/4s which there currently there is only a single elite, which costs 10 kredits, that can cleanly deal with those light infantry. On top of that the 2/5 guard also seems like a decent enough guard that can help when your trying to contest the board against aggro which is always a nice addition no matter the card. I would expect this to slot right into most Soviet tokens lists without a second thought.

Theatres of War is only a single day away and even though we don't have all the cards so many of these feels like they could really help the viability of various decks that it gets me all excited to start building decks with them!