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Theatres of War: Card Reveals for Day 1, 2, and 3

By FunPolice

A lot of very interesting cards have come out over these past few days so let's just quickly jump into it!

The first card revealed this US elite seems quite good overall. You get two Death From Aboves combined into a single card. Combing seperate cards into a single card is a pretty powerful effect becuase you save deck slots for a similar effect. This is much more expensive than Death From Above so this is not entirely true but it is adding 2 more hard removal effects in the slower US decks. Ramp decks and other control lists will probably enjoy this as a way to boost their late game in a way other nations can't (Stuff like the B17 and Avenger can be run as an ally where as this cannot becuase it is an elite). 

Compared to the US elite this Japan card is much less outright powerful but also much more interesting. paying 6 kredits to toss your hand without doing anything else is a massive commiment currently. There is only a single US card that benefits when you discard it so on that front this isn't viable at all right now. So it would have to be played normally where you take a turn off from doing anything and then trying to rocket ahead by chaining a ton of units together. The first thought is an aggro deck since by turn 6 it will often have a small hand and this could be a powerful way rapidly play units out to try to overwhelm the enemy in the next couple turns. However this card is useless if you draw it before turn 6 and it's hard to envision aggro willingly taking a turn 6 off and then trying to recover from that. On top of that if you draw an order instead of a unit that could likely lose you the game.The only other options would be some extremely unit heavy midrange deck that could almost always draw a unit the turn after playing this. However, that does not currently exist and would likely need a lot of support to come around. We still have some elites to go so we will see.

A very interesting elite that seems like a win con for the various British naval support decks that are playing low attack high health and then buffing them into massive threats with Naval Support. However, this seems like it could very well extend beyond those decks into more archtypes. This makes so many otherwise unassuming units into absolute monsters. Take the swordfish which is a 1K 1/3 bomber as a good example. When that gets buffed by rule it turns into a 5/5 which on a 1K bomber is pretty insane. Any British unit that has 2 more health compared to their attack seems like amazing targets for this card.  Could this be the top end of some British midrange deck that has so far failed to find it's footing? It's a very interesting card and we will have to see what it ends up in.

The last elite revealed so far has a lot going on. A dead card unless you are holding the frontline, the payoff has the potential to be pretty insane. Do note this discount will last between turns so you could hold onto that unit for the right time. Making a unit completely free and also giving it blitz is just asking for some backbreaking turn where you play the free unit alongside other stuff. Some very obviouis targets to hit involve Lepold, Panzer IV F2, Panther A, and the USA big bombers. Imagine a B17 killing a unit with its deployment and then immediatly attacking and killing a second unit for a grand total of 3 kredits! Holding the frontline in such a deck is very intersting of a puzzle to tackle since you will likely need some cheaper units to contest and eventually take the frontline but also enough big units that you reliably get something got with this card. Current german decks won't want this so it would require some intesting late game/frontline deck.

These 5 infantry units are all pretty interesting and seem quite good in their respective decks.

East Surrey Regiment is an amazing guard with high health and a decent enough attack to deal with smaller aggro units. This is extremely close to the 980 Volksgreandier from Germany. It loses 1 attack for guard which is probably fitting for Britain. I would say it's safe to assume a lot of decks are going to find a lot of use with this extremely solid guard.

1005th Rifles seems like an potertially very powerful midrange card. 5 attack with ambush is not easy to fight into until late into the game where massive tanks with heavy armor and massive infantry start showing up. The built in protection from orders isn't as powerful as being un targetable like the German 141 Gerbigsjager or Panther G but it is still very nice. People will be unwilling to use a removal order since you get a 2 for 1 in that case (they spend a card to deal with the unit and then you get to draw an extra card). Currently Soviet decks don't really have many 4 drops worth playing so this could be a great card to help fill out a curve. Not to mention the times you can cheat this unit out early with stuff like zhukov or possibly iron from the north.

164th Infantry Regiment will likely be a great card in the various frontline based decks that US currently has. 0 operation cost is alone a pretty important effect due to mainly the M4 Sherman. Getting to play this early on and then moving it to activate the Sherman is potentially really powerful and could help improve the curve of those aggro decks. The destruction effect is also quite intersting becuase it can hit any unit such as artillery or a bomber which could be quite powerful. Even just hitting any other unit makes this essentially a 2/2 for 1 which is a pretty alright statline. I expect to see this a good amount in aggro decks that are running the US.

361 Afrika Regiment is a potentially very powerful burn card. Dealing 3 damage directly to the HQ is very powerful burn effect that is very close to Air Blitz in terms of raw damage. The opponenet does have time to deal with this before that happens which is likely the biggest weakness of this card. The frontline is also a requirement for this but ideally decks running this won't have much issue with that. It is competing with the 980 volks for slots in German decks where the volks is more consistent while this is often much more explosive when it survives. It will be intersting to see if a heavier burn based deck can find a space in this meta. It would be quite powerful as a lot of decks are not running much, if any, healing.

1st Taipei Regiment ends up as the last revealed card for now and falls into a similar vein to the 361 Afrika Regiment as another burn card. This one doesn't have a requirement for the burn outside of it needing to die but also is much mroe expensive. The body is a bit small but is a pretty serious threat due to it having fury and 0 operation cost. Blitz means it can also threaten to deal 6 (or much more when buffed) damage on the very next turn. You could even use this to snipe smaller units that are crowding the frontline up although that is more of a desperate play rather than a strong move. If anything this is a nother 4 cards that can be unpreventable burn which pushes burn deck more towards a critical mass. Mito regiment, air blitz, 361 afrika, and this is a pretty large amount of burn cards so we will see if that deck could come around.

A lot of seemingly powerful and numerous interesting cards have been revealed and we still have a lot to come out before Theatres of War drops on June 30th. I'm eager to see what else we will be getting.