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New Single Player Content Annouced + New cards revealed!

By FunPolice

The two slides shown during the recent OC tournament that revealed numerous upcoming points on Theatres of War.

Extra notes:
-New cards will seemingly be obtained by completeing the historical campaigns
-The Preorder will be real money only
-After Theaters releases, it will be availabler for either gold or real money
-Campaigns can either be bought in a bundle or seperately after released
-No exact prices have been released however, the devs have stated that it will be affordable even to new players
-The New HQs are cosmetic only

Beyond that we also have gotten 5 elites revealed that will come with the pre order or will ikely be available through the campaign once it releases.

Do note that these will show 3 of any elite unit in that nation. It does not draw one from your deck and does not rely on elites you own.
These 5 cards all do the exact same thing but the power levels among them does vary since elite units vary widly in power. It is important to note that since you are paying 2K to find an elite you should consider whether that elite would still be useful even if it cost +2 kredits.
Looking at the various elite units among nations

Heroes of the Soviet Union seems to be the best out of all of these. Most of the elites you can find are very strong such as the 6th Airborne, 83rd Naval Brigade, and the KV-1 1941 which are some very stand out ones. Only the P-40B Tomahawk and ISU-152 are bad pulls but since you can look at 3 elites you should always be able to find something at least decent.

Afrika Korps and His Majesty's Chosen are the next best becuase German and British elites have some really good ones in there. For Germany, the obvious best elite is Leopold but some others like the Tiger I-E, Komet, or Panzer III-L are also pretty solid units to get. Britain doesn't have a single super amazing elite but instead just has some really good pulls like P-40 Kittyhawk, Sexton, Mosquito FB Mk VI, and Lancaster B.III. These 2 have some good elites but do have enough bad elites that there is a chance you pull nothing good unlike the Soviet one.

A Few Good Men and Soul of Old Japan seem to be the worst currently. Both nations have a lot of bad/subpar elite units. The best pulls from A Few Good Men are P-40 N-5, 101st Airborne, and possibly the M26 Pershing if you are in a ramp deck. Most other US elites are pretty weak and even the 'good' pulls I'm not impressed by. Japan is essentially in the same boat with the best elite pulls being 2nd Raiding Brigade and N1K-J Shiden and most other elites being low impact and not really worth it.