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Welcome to the new Card Creation Competition, May 2020 edition!

By (Arm)_Paladin

Howdy! It's that time again! We're hosting our second Card Creation Competition! 

I'm Paladin, the creator and head judge of this competition. I welcome all new KARDS players! 

This contest will run from May 23rd to June 6th, 2020. The results will be posted by June 15th.

Here are the rewards: 1st place gets you 3 packs, 10 gold, and 1 draft ticket. 2nd and 3rd will each recieve 1 pack and 10 gold. 

How you participate: Come up with an original card idea, write that idea down or create a card mock-up, create a account, then submit it using the the form at the bottom of this article. Ideas already posted to the KARDS Discord server and previous competition submissions are all accepted as long as you are the creator of the idea, no copycats. There is a three submission limit per person, any submissions from alternate accounts or submissions past the first three will NOT be accepted. 

Your submissions will be judged according to the following categories:

 Premise: The overall premise and idea of the card.

Historical inspiration: How well do the abililtes and stats of the card relate to the historical inspiration?

Stats: How do the stats compare to other cards and how much value does the card bring to a deck?

Presentation: How well put together is your submission? Whether you make a card mock-up or just type up your submission, presentation WILL be judged. Effort is key. 

For reference and inspiration, here is the last competition's winning submission by Y-Crad:


I would like to note that is not run by 1939 Games, though this competition and its overseers are approved by them.

I wish you all luck and hope to see a lot of creative and exciting ideas! 

Submissions are closed for this contest