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Cards You Should Be Playing 7: British Special and Elite

By FunPolice

Britain is a nation that just has a lot of really solid cards. Numerous deployment effects, ways to save kredits, and a few other powerful effects. It's a nation that has some of the best tools to be a control deck and also can have a couple tools to work in faster decks.

Albacore Mk I - The cheap cost and combination of affects makes this a fanstasic tool in most decks with britain. Dealing 1 damage to any unit is a good enough affect that several other cards just do that and are worth palying (see german with the nebelwerfer or the japanese with the zero) but the albacore get to also pin that unit. This massivley improvews the albacore to essntially be good agianst any ground unit since it either can kill of the small ones with 1 health or pin anything that survives. For slower decks it's a good cheap card to play in order to help survive to the later turns while in more aggressive decks (such as brit air) it is able to mess with the enemy board while putting down a fighter on your own.

Finest Hour - 2K for +2/+2 would honestly be a strong enough buff on its own since air units are some of the best units to buff due to how they can just attack without needing to also move into the frontline (not to mention bombers not taking damage when attacking units). Blitz also happens to be extremely powerful withb buffs since it allows you to get use out of them before the enemy can react. So when both of those effects get combined into one card it's incredibly strong in air decks. Britain happens to have the largest amount of cheap air units that work well with Finest Hour. Swordfish Mk I, Gladiator Mk I, Albacore Mk I, Hurricane Mk II are good targets for Finest Hour but in all honesty any air units won't mind the +2/+2 and being giving blitz. If you have a good amount of air units strongly consider looking into finest hour.

RAAF Lightning - If you’ve been reading up on this series than back when I did the first article over German standard and limited cards I talked about how the Panzer IV F2 was the best card in Germany. The RAAF Lightning is a cheaper (albeit slightly weaker) F2 and that instantly makes it one of the best cards in Britain. Coming down a turn earlier can be massive especially when going second where the lower cost can be the difference between a big tank being returned to the enemy hand or that tank attacking your HQ. Being a fighter also means it has benefits of stopping bombers while also being cheaper to attack with. The RAAF simply goes into any british deck from slow control decks to fast aggressive british air deck and you honestly can’t go wrong with it.

Grenadier Guards - 9 health is simply massive on a guard and it takes a lot of effort to remove it for most decks. The 5 attack gaurentees that using units to deal with the grenadier guards will be costly as most units will die from a single attack. Aggressive decks will absolutely need hard removal or something like retreat as their units simply won’t be big enough to go through the grenadier quickly enough. Even against slower decks where guard is less important it’s just so big that it can just be a threat that the enemy has worry about. On top of that this card is even somewhat resilient against retreat which is the bane of big units because guard makes it at least somewhat useful the turn it is played.

Carpet Bombing - This is one of the very few large scale board clears which makes it incredibly valuable for control decks. Clearing the enemy board is an extremely powerful effect due to how players will spend entire turns just playing or using their units. 3 damage is enough that most units are either going to outright die or be heavily wounded with only 1-2 health remaining. Carpet bombing is one of few cards that can flip the board on its head and in doing so can leave the enemy exhausted since they likely lost numerous cards to it. Control and other slower decks (even some midrange decks) absolutely love this card and should be running it without hesitation.

Monty - In all regards monty is a broken card. Pinning the entire enemy board for only 1 kredit while not even losing a card is ridiculous and will always have a massive impact the turn it gets played. You can easily force the enemy to skip a large portion of their turn that can seriously change how a match would play out. For example monty can pin down a board for a turn and allow you to get to 7 kredits to use carpet bombing and then clear it. It also helps massively in stopping enemy bombers and artillery from killing your own units. In just any situation monty is going to find a use which makes it insane.

85 Pioneer Company - This unit can save you so many kredits if it lives for a few turns it's honestly pretty insane. Imagine any of the orders in Britain that I've talked about in this article and the previous one such as convoy HX 175, Carpet Bombing, or even the things like Finest Hour and make them cost 1 less. It turns those cards from strong to insane (the pioneers can also techincally be free since if you play them and then play an order it's essentally like just paying for the order normally). Not to mention how it this also can be powerful with other nations (free bloody sickles) since it works with all orders. The only time this card likely isn't worth running is if you can't afford the space on the support line which some british decks really need. Otherwise if your in Britain you should be playing this becuase you'll be running enough orders to make this discount something.

P-40 Warhawk - Mediocre deployment effects can turn units from weak cards to insanely strong and the Warhawks deployment effect is one of the strongest in the game. 2 damage to any ground target (including HQs) on turn 3 is often enough to kill most units and you get a 2/3 fighter along with that. Even later in the game that 2 damage can be great for stuff like finishing damaged enemy units off or just being burn damage to kill the enemy HQ directly. The Warhawk will always be able to find some worthwhile target because there are extremely few decks that don’t run some ground units (even air decks often run ground targets). In all honestly I don’t have much else to say the Warhawk is just an extremely solid 3 drop that is never a useless card and when it does find a good target it can be pretty backbreaking tempo wise.

HMS Illustrious - Getting 2 one cost bombers and giving them blitz for only a single card that costs 3 kredits is a dang good deal. Britain has numerous ways to benefit from having air units (close air support, finest hour, precision bombing) and the blitz on these makes them super appealing to buff since you can easily get use out of them before the enemy can stop you. Even just playing this on turn 3 can be powerful because 6 health is simply a lot for that turn and then being on bombers makes it even more of a threat. Like a lot of the cards on this list, the HMS is simply a really overall solid card that any British deck can run.

Mosquito FB Mk VI - Extremely similar to the P-40 Warhawk talked about above this is essentially its big brother. It isn't able to hit the enemy HQ but 3 damage to anything is well worth that tradeoff. Britain really does lack single target removal for larger units (outside of precision bombing) which makes cards like the mosquito and warhawk extremely valuable. They fufill that removal role that helps you use your ally slots for things that aren't removal which can be useful for building decks. In general however the mosquito is just really solid becuase it's removal on a sloid enough fighter. You can run it in any british deck exactly like you can run the warhawk in any deck.

Commonwealth - If I were to talk about british elite cards this is something I simply have to talk about. This card has inspired entire decks based around using this as a win condition. Commonwealth naturally will only go into slow control decks since it's super expensive and has a requirement you need to build around. Dealing 20 damage is enough to outright win against most decks but the requirements for to have that trigger are harder than you would expect. Staying above 30 health requires a lot of healing to account for how the enemy will likely be attacking you. However, due to how British control is naturally going to have some amount of healing, Commonwealth can act as a great fit into those decks.

With this article done we're moving on to the final main nation and with it the end of this series. I have a couple ideas about other series or articles I could start after this series is done but we still have a few weeks before that needs to be finalized.