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Cards You Should Be Playing 6: British Standard and Limited

By FunPolice

Britain at the time of writing has 2 very distinct archtypes that it can build towards and do well with. The first one is Brit air which runs a lot of air units (obiovusly) and stuff that works with you having air units in order to create an aggressive deck that can quickly lock down the board with cheap bombers and fighters. The other option is a slow control deck that seeks to use guards, pins, and healing in order to starve off aggro and then using it's solid late game cards to grind people out (most of the card for control will be mentioned next week as a lot of the best ones are specials). The standard and limited cards give us a good mix of both that offer solid bases to work off of.

Close Air Support - If you've read the previous articles than this is very comparable to combined arms and unity is strength but fits into a british air deck. Giving one of your bombers +2/+2 quickly turns it into a must kill threat becuase it will dominate the board while also being able smash the enemy HQ as needed. Do note that this card can actually be used on any unit so if you have a tank or some infantry in the frontline it's entirely resonable to buff them up and attack with them. No matter the target as long as you play british air (the only place this card really makes sense in) you can expect to get +2/+2 or more when used. It's also important to only buff units when they can attack so you get some value from the card in case it get removed.

Interception - 1K to potentially blank an enemy removal order is very valuable in decks that need to keep certain units alive. Whether this is a big bomber you just buffed up with close air support, to a unit that is providing passive value, or even just some massive tank there is good value in protecting them. Interception doesn't stop everything (deployment effects mainly) but for it's extremely low cost you get a good chance at breaking the enemies tempo completely by stopping a key removal piece. It can snowball a tiny lead into a run away game where the enemy deperately tries to play catch up. However not every deck will want this card becuase itself offers little value. This means it either needs to be a in deck that is very draw heavy so it can mitigate running some lower value cards or play it in an aggressive deck where the value of the card is less useful than the tempo of said card. Interception is easily a strong tempo tool when used correctly and having a couple copies in certain decks can be a great asset.

5th Brigade - Essentially this is a card meant to help decks against aggro decks. A 1/5 is quite hard to knock down in the first few turns and aggro needs to spend those important early turns getting your HQ low on health so they can win before the late game. The 5th Brigade is able to block multiple attacks while also dealing minor damage to the enemy units which can be useful to getting them within range of your removal cards. It is possible to use this card in conjunction with naval support to make the 5th brigade into a 5/5 but that is somewhat expensive for the payoff and Britian isn't very good at more aggressive decks unless it's an air deck which already has close air support (which is leagues better).

Convoy HX 175 - An extremely simple card that I don't think needs much reasoning as to why it's worth it playing. Drawing cards is a good effect and convoy kinda sets the bar for how those effects are costed. 3 kredits to draw 2 cards can keep you going smoothly in a so many different decks. I honestly don't have much else to say, if you need card draw and britain is in your deck this is a very good option to use.

Fortification - In most cards games, cards that only heal are usually very bad becuase they offer almost no value. However in kards since players need to use kredits to deal damage with either units or orders it makes these types of cards much more playable. Healing 7 is a pretty large amount of health and it can be very hard for aggro decks to go through that extra health before they either lose the board or run out of cards. This card alone can seriously cripple decks that rely on what is called burn damage in ordedr to win (burn is essentially cards that deal direct damage to the enemy HQ the turn they are played). This card is best suited for those slower british decks that need to survive to the late game and has no room in decks that are aggressive.

1st Airborne - There is a lot going on with this card so let me quickly explain it. Every turn this remains undamaged it will get +1/+1 due to mobilize and then it's abilioty gives it -1 operation cost. Essentially that means after 4 turns this becomes a 5/5 fury unit with 0 operation cost all for 1 kredit which is pretty crazy. Smokescreen does help this unit to not take damage until you're ready to use it at least to outside of orders and deployment affects. It being only 1 kredits means that even if it is instantly killed or is unable to grow very big not much is lost on your side.

Due to image problems I can only provide the stats of the Swordfish MK I
1K Limited Bomber
1/3 1 operation cost

Swordfish Mk I - In terms of stats this is honestly pretty pushed for a bomber. 3 health on turn 1 is really hard to deal with and good answers don't really come online until turn 2 or even 3 making the Swordfish incredible at lockign the board down in those early turns. With buffs this ability to shut down whatever the enemy doing is expanded greatly and it's even a good target for attacking the HQ since it can ignore guards. It isn't an autoinclude mind you becuase in some decks such as control it often ends up being just a small bomber which matters little when going through a slugging match with other slower decks that are playing way bigger and more flashy stuff. Instead the Swordfish fits extremely well into more aggressive decks that are running some amount of ways to boost the swordfishes attack. It's often a core card in numerous British air decks that can put the enemy on the back foot right from turn 1 and if you want to play aggressive british decks this should be one of the first few cards you get.

Hurricane Mk II - The recent buff to this card has suddenly turned it from an overly expensive fighter to a fantastic aggressive tool for Britain. It being a fighter makes it fit naturally into British Air decks that also combos extremely well with any buffs due to it having fury. It isn't hard to have this unit deal 10+ damage in a single turn which can easily take catch people off guard. It's even possible to do this from your hand becuase there are a couple cards that give blitz to air units so that 10+ damage can happen before the enemy can respond. Playing it on curve is also a pretty solid play becuase on turn 4 you can attack twice with it for 6 damage which is a big threat.

Precision Bombing - This is the only card in Britain that is hard removal (hard removal refers to being able to kill units outright regardless of their stats) which mkaes it uniquely powerful. 4K to kill a unit of your choice is a pretty strong card and Britain has a lot of decent bombers to reliably trigger this card when you need it. The Swordfish Mk I in particular being only 1 kredit is an excellent bomber to enable precision. This card is a resonable inclusion in any deck running a good amount of bombers whether that's more aggressive where it is useful for killing a pesky guard/fighter or in slower deck just as a removal order.

Lend Lease - A bigger Convoy HX 175 that is a bit harder to use in decks but also more powerful than the convoy when it is played. Drawing 4 cards is simply a massive amount of resources in any context and is particularly fantastic when you are trying to outlast the enemy. Lend Lease is a card that can seriously shift the balance of who is ahead resource wise making it great in slower decks that need to keep moving along. The only main downside is that 7 kredits to just draw cards is very slow and this can only be played when you're not under a ton of pressure from the enemy. Thankfully Britain is pretty good at stopping pressure with healing, guards, and pins making it much easier to find a good time to play Lend Lease.

 With that we creep ever closer to the final entry in this now lonmg running series and next week we will look at the specials and elites of the British cards before moving onto the final main nation (I bet you can't guess who that will be)!