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Cards You Should Be Playing 2: German Special and Elite

By FunPolice

Previously we looked at various lower rarity cards from Germany of which many were incredibly strong. However today we're looking not pulling any stops and looking at the big guns Germany has to offer. It should be noted however that just becuase these units are of a higher rarity doesn't mean they are strong than the cards covered in the previous article. In fact, I think the best card in Germany is a limited and was on the previous list (so if you haven't read that one go check it out).

Arado Ar 196 - A 1/2 fighter that draws a card is obvoiusly pretty insane. It is incredibly easy to trigger the draw effect on this card since at some point the enemy is going to have more units that you and you can trigger this. Being only 1k is very useful as it's often possible to play the arado and immeditaly play the order drawn with it. If you limit what orders you run to all do similar things such as removal then Arado can essentially become a removal piece. In that same vien you can also limit your orders in order to cnosistently find a few key orders such as in a Combined Arms list where you can find the namesake card more consistently. It doesn't really matter what order you end up drawing either way as the Arado is fantastic little card in most decks.

Encirclement - Alongside blitzkrieg which I talked about lasted article, this is one of the strongest rewards for having the frontline. For the most part you want to copy a 3K unit since that offers the most value but it's entirely fine to copy cheaper units. Units such as the 980 volksgrenadier are some of the best targets due to their large amount stats. It's also a great tool to pressure to the enemy by giving the copy blitz allowing it to immediatly impact. You can essentially think of encirclement as playing a unit and moving it into the frontline for 2K and then it still being able to attack. It allows for a cheap way to cheat on kredits which is inredibly powerful. Encirclement should strongly be considered for any deck that aims to control the frontline becuase of it's ability to snowball a lead very hard.

22. Infantry Regiment - Drawing an extra card every turn is an insane effect. Few decks can overcome the raw card advantage that the 22. provides and as such it's a must kill threat. Even drawing 1 card makes it worthwhile and the condition of having the frontline is quite easy to do. This works incredibly well in more aggressive decks since they are more likely to have the frontline and extra cards provided by the 22. helps them to maintain the frontline for longer. The unit itself is quite weak so the draw effect is important in making the 22. good.

Panzer III H - Probably the best way to look at the III H is as a bigger and better panzer 38t. For 1 more kredit you gain +3 defense on the tank along with a much stronger draw effect. It’s highly efficient at all stages in the game due to how it often it can find whatever you need that turn or in the next. It also happens to curve extremely well into the Hummel (high health, comes down the turn before, looks for Hummel with effect) which is points in its favor. On top of that it also is a strong card in Combined Arms lists as it can help find the namesake card or others like joint operation when needed. Combo decks like having extra draw that could find important combo pieces or removal in a speedy manner. It essentially can find a use in any deck that can afford a 4K unit becuase it is a decently stated body with card draw which is the reciepe for a good card.

Panther G - Being immune to orders is something that is very useful for well stated units and the Panther G is for sure well stated. Heavy armor 1 makes it hard to kill and it's 6 attack means it will kill almost everything in one attack. The protection from orders makes it even harder to kill becuase orders can't be used to deal those last points of damage. Instead they either need a deployment effect or need multiple units to attack into it which often more of a commitment in either cards or kredits. The 3 operation cost is a downside becuase it takes at least half of your kredits on a turn just to move and attack with it. Even so, for decks that are lacking in units such as combo or some control decks the Panther G proves to be a nightmare as they simply lack the tools to kill it.

Panther A - Compared to it's brother the Panther G, the Panther A offers consistent value instead of an increible unit. A 5/5 Heavy Armor 1 isn't an awful body mind you but does fall short against the Panther G with its protection and extra point of attack. The draw denial however means that the Panther A offers a form of card advantage on top of it's body. Draw denial on a unit is a powerful effect as it limits the options the enemy has to actually deal with the unit. On top of that in the late game if both players on low on cards the draw denial is even stronger becuase it often puts the enemy so far behind they just can't recover. Having a deployment effect is even a form of protection on it's own as the enemy is often unwilling to return it to your hand which is something the Panther G is actually weak to. Both Panthers are no doubt good and running both of them is actually a very strong midgame combination.

Komet - This is for the most part meant to provide a inevetiablity for german decks. Outside of guards and countermeasures it is impossible to stop the komet from dealing its damage. As such if given long enough time this will kill the enemy with nothing they can do about it. It fits well into a large amount of german decks becuase in faster decks like aggro and midrange it provides those last few points of damage and in slower decks such as control they can use it several times. It's even possible to use it as removal against bombers and units with 1 attack since it will survive and then return to your hand. The one main downside to the komet is that paying 6K for it is very expensive and a pretty big tempo loss so it needs to be played carefully.

Tiger I E - Essentially a big Panther G and because of that it end ups sharing a lot of positives and negatives with it. Heavy Armor 2 on a 7/7 with protection from orders is a strong statline. It serves as a amazing curve topper for midrange and control decks and there just isn't much that cleanly deals with it. It's often best to hold the tiger until the extreme late game after players are running out of cards to better ensure that the enemy can't deal with it. There is similar problems with the Panther of it being expensive to use with 3K and how it does nothing when it comes down. However when the tiger does stick around it often is just so big and hard to remove it overtakes the game on it's own.

Leopold - Easily the most reconizable of the german elites it should be quite clear why this is a good card. A massive 6/4 artillery that always resets the enemy board is a crazy powerful combination even at 10K. Unless the enemy kills the leopold first it's often going to destroy the units that get replayed from being bounced back to hand. It's something that needs to be respected and feared whenever Germany reaches 10k becuase it can be game ending. There is something to say about how it doesn't actually kill any unit with the deployment (outside of the enemy hand being full) so it's not as much a value card but more so a tempo card. It's often going to find use resetting the enemy in the cases where they've gotten to far ahead. On top of that it also only has 4 health which by the time it comes down it is quite low. Most removal orders or units with blitz can kill it in a single attack and people often save a way to kill it becuase it's so powerful if the leopold sticks around for any number of turns.

With that we are done with Germany! Next week will start the covering of another nation's standard and limited cards but that's going to remain a secret until the next article comes out so make sure to tune back in next week for that!