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Cards You Should Be Playing 1: German Standard and Limited

By FunPolice

With the offical release of Kards coming within the coming months I figured it would be useful to write some guides on noteworthy cards for each nation as guides for newer players. This article (and all further ones) are going to cover ten cards and provide short explantions as to what traits the cards make them strong. For this article we'll be covering half of Germany by going through ten cards of either standard or limited rarities. This list will be in no particular order as all of these cards can be powerhouses in the right deck (although I will note when a card goes way above it's peers and is actually one of the best cards in the nations). The next article will then cover the stand out specials and elites for Germany. With that short opener out of the way let's move to the list!

Combined Arms - The first card I want to talk about is one that does require building your deck around. However, the conditions combined arms requires are something that is quite easy to accomplish and the pay off for doing so can be very rewarding. Germany has a lot of very good tanks that are worth playing (many of which are actually going to be in this list) so it won’t be difficult to have a tank on the field. On top of that Germany also ends up having a good mix of infantry, artillery, and fighters that are worth playing which makes it quite easy to get combined arms to +3/+3 or even higher. Even at +2/+2 it’s still worthwhile for the single kredit the card costs.

980 Volksgrenadier - At first glance this may appear a bit lackluster due to it simply being a dump of stats but the distribution of those stats acctually make it a very strong 3 kredit unit. 6 health is very diffucult without either multiple attacks/orders or spending more than 3 kredits (there are a few expections but these are scarce). This resilence makes it very strong when it can get into the frontline where it often will survive to attack. Germany has many ways to reward unit in the frontline the biggest 2 being blitzkrieg and encirclement both of which also work very well with powerful stats and low operaiton cost the 980 volksgrenadiers have.

Panzer 38t/ FW 190 A - I’m going to cheat here a little bit becuase these cards are both deserving of being on the list and do so for the same reason. Units that draw cards are quite obviously pretty strong since they keep your hand full while still affecting the board. This is important as these units often make up the main part of german draw power. The panzer 38t is easier to fit into decks due to it's much cheaper cost at only 3K and how it's a tank which Germany can make good use of. However the FW 190 A has a much better stated body for it's cost and it is one of the few fighters worth playing in Germany itself which benefits things like Combined Arms.

Blitzkrieg - For only 3K this is a card that can end games out of seemingly nowhere. It's likely the strongest payoff for frontline decks as even with 1-2 units it can provide upwards of 10 damage. Cheap blitz tanks are some of the best units to cobine with blitzkrieg as they can provide serious damage from your hand making harder for the enemy to stop. It is best to already have units in the frontline on the turn you play blitzkrieg in order to maximize the damage output of the card. The bonus damage is also useful in fighting through enemy guards since what might have taken 3-4 units to kill might now only need 1-2 units which let's your other units attack the enemy HQ. This card should be included in the faster german decks that are playing out cheap small units due to how blitzkrieg scales with how many units you have comapred to how big they are.

Panzer IV F2 - I'm going to be blunt and say this is the single best card in Germany. The F2 provides a consistent tempo swing every time it hits the field with it's strong 5/5 body and a guarenteed retreat. Most of the time you'll be using its retreat to force an enemy unit back into hand as this forces the enemy to have to pay a second time for that unit. This can be hard for enemies to deal with as they now have to worry about your F2 while still trying to play out whatever got returned to their hand. Not to mention the times where you have multiple F2s in hand and can just do it several times in a row. The F2 fits into almost every deck that has germany in it and if you don't already have them, then these should be the first cards you craft for Germany.

Joint Operation - The first card to come from alliegence on this list is also one of the best. Joint Operation is a card that at first seems like a inclusion mostly in Combined Arms list and it is no doubt amazing there. Unlike Combined Arms though, this card is much easier to power up/use and as such is playable in a wider variety of decks. Only 1-2 unit types are needed before this becomes a strong removal option. On top of that something players can miss is that this can indeed hit the enemy HQ so it doubles as both removal and as a finisher. These factors make joint operation a card that is useful against practically any deck with the only requirement that yuou run units which germany is already doing.

Hummel - Another card from alliegence and one that has turned german midrange into a serious deck. The hummel provides another 3 units that can give massive tempo swings with their retreat ability. a 2/4 artillery is actually a pretty solid statline for a 5K artillery unit. With 4 health it can be somewhat difficult to remove and it's always good for you when your artillery units survive since it's free damage. The requirement of having a tank is incredibly easy to fufill due to how many strong tanks germany has access to. All of this combined makes the Hummel a powerful card that is essentially the 4-6th copy of the Panzer IV F2 which as stated above is the best card in Germany.

Flammpanzer - For how niche the deployment effect may first appear, it's actaully quite useful against a whole host of decks. Aggressive decks are obviously running a good amount of 1K units so the flamm has plenty of targets. However control decks do also play some amount of 1K units with the most noteworthy being the elite 0/4 infantry for each nation but some lists also run one drops in order to better deal with aggro. Even agianst a deck with no 1K units to snipe it's still a well stated tank to play as a threat. The 2 operation cost is bit annoying but the fact this card is useful against any deck more than makes up for that small problem. If you are lacking a good 3 drop you can't really go wrong with the flammpanzer.

Nebelwerfer 42 - There is a very real comaprison between the nebel and flammpanzer that does need to be pointed out. Both are 3K limited cards that have useful deployment effects in Germany. However I don't think the nebel and flammpanzer compete for slots so much as compliment each other. The nebelwerfer offers a far more flexible deployment effect that can be useful to pick off 1 health units or finish off units that have been knocked down to 1 health. The downside is that a 2/2 body even as an artillery is weaker than a 3/4 tank (barring decks that have ways to buff artillery). Both units do have various upsides and it's entirely reasonable to just run 3 copies of both as it gives you a lot of high impact 3K units. A split of them is also possible such as running 2 flamm and 2 nebel if you're out of space. Really the choice between the 2 cards is what you're running into more of. If you play against a lot of aggro with 1 drops than flammpanzer with be more useful. Otherwise the flexibility of the nebel could be more appealing against slower decks.

Tactical Strike - For the final card we're talking about one of the few removal orders for Germany. Due to this being able to hit anything, it offers solid flexibility making it useful against the majority of decks compared to some other removal cards both within germany and other nations. The only thing that really holds tactical strike back is that it essentially is only going to be used on the support line as 3K for 2 damage should be only used in desperate situations. 4 damage how is quite solid for 3 kredits since a lot of units a pretty massive amount ofd units across many kredit costs will die to it. Even if tactical strike doesn't kill the unit it often will leave them with only 1-2 health remaining and every nation has at least a few ways to deal those last points of damage. 

So that's the list! Hopefully this is a useful tool for many players whether they are new or veterans. Make sure to check back next week when we cover the specials and elites of Germany!