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Kards Ultimate Guide (Introduction)

By Scientiavore

So for this guide I will discuss different ways to elevate your skill and achieve a higher win rate in kards.  I will be going over various topics in depth, and may add some more content in the future.  I want to create the ultimate guide that'll hopefully be useful for a variety of players hoping to improve their game, from the new to the experienced.  Generally, to make this guide as timeless as possible, I'll be focusing more on more general game knowledge as opposed to specific cards and decks.  I'm also assuming those reading this guide already understand the basic rules of the game in it's entirety (from the game's mechanics to the reward systems).  All feedback is welcomed!  Let me know if there's something you want me to cover or elaborate on.  

So a bit about myself:  I'm a long time ccg player with over a decade's worth of experience playing card games competitively.  I have a background in mathematics, and utilize stats and probability to improve my game  For those that don't care to read about math, don't fret (This guide is meant to be accessible for everyone): I'll briefly mention mathematical concepts as they come up (for those interested in looking it up and learning about it) while giving an explanation in layman's terms.  In kards specifically, in the two most recent seasons as of this writing (Seasons 9 and 10) I have finished in the top 10 in the ladder.  I've accomplished this while being f2p for the most part (I spent $5 for the intro pack) and being fairly new to the game.  

For most ccgs (including kards), your skills can generally be categorized in 4 ways:  your deckbuilding skills, your piloting skills (ie playing your cards well), your psychological skills (reading your opponent, having patience and focus, etc.), and metagame knowledge and adaptation.  Note that while I will be discussing these skills in separate sections, they are complementary.  While these skills will be the focus of the guide, I'll also be discussing how to manage your resources to grow your collection (since the cards in  your collection are your tools).