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An interview with Cybernetic.

By AlveraMistressofLight

Alvera: What did you think when Kards approached you to commentate on the finals?.

Cybernetic: Well actually, I approached them, I expressed interest in casting, Since I've got quite a bit of knowledge on the game and thought I could highlight some plays, After seeing Oli's Twitch stream when he was asked how you get into the eSports/gaming Industry, I took on his advice and asked him about casting!.

Alvera: Oh nice, I kind of assumed you were approached since you and scout are still two of the major streamers for Kards, During the second match we saw a really interesting situation unfold between Drogear and GKZhukov, I know you and scout commented on it a bit but what are your thoughts on the entire situation since he obviously was upset over it.

Cybernetic: Just by seeing his play during that critical moment and potentially the loss of the 1st game, We could see there was a lot of pressure on him, Playing against a burn deck and being put into a situation where your strategies are limited, It's understandable that he either forgot 1st Signal Regiment was on the board or forgot Pershings effect only applies when the card is in the frontline.

Alvera: Yeah, You could tell he was getting pressured from everything, What do you think we will see tomorrow, Will Zhukov pull off another stunning victory and surprise everyone or do you think it will be close with the victory going to either Zhukov or Gearbot, Or even see Gearbot pulling off a 3-0.

Cybernetic: I hope for a close game, Hopefully both players get to game 5 with 2-2, GKZhukov has proven his experience with card games has given him an edge but Gearbot also has 3 distinctive decks and proven that the pressure of WC hasn't swayed him much.

Alvera: It will definitely be interesting to see how those two will perform tomorrow, Thank you cyber for the interview and giving your thoughts on it all.

Cybernetic: My pleasure, Look forward to the finals!


Side Note: Here is the VOD from the WC Semi Finals