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New Cards and Mechanics Revealed on Dec 5th and 6th

By FunPolice

We have a lot to cover so this is going to be a speed round. We'll talk about the indiviudal revealed cards first and then move onto the ones revealed from developer blog later.

This free fighter has some interesting uses. Cards that can buff several air untis such as the Japanese card Burning Sky will like these extra air units.
Revealed by Cybernetic on his twitch channel

The fact that this can grow rapidly makes it intesting in decks that can buff it. The USA has things like USACE or Supply Shipment to make it more likely to survive. Britain also has a couple health buffs to help it survive a few turns.
Revealed by MattyGG on his twitch channel

We finally have the card related to the previously revealed elite of night witches. Although this may seem below average this cheap bomber is amazing with the Soviet special card Blood Red Sky and that might be enough of a reason for British Air decks (which also like having 4 more cheap bombers to play) to run a Soviet ally over a Japanese one.

An incredibly powerful German midrange card. A solid artillery body alongside a very strong deployment effect is an amazing boost to german midrange lists and could seriously help those decks find a place in the meta. Not much to say this just seems really good.

An interesting card that can seems to help push British decks to having better proactive plays. Combined with Germany and it's numerous retreat cards (like the hummel revealed just above) this card can be a solid fighter that also acts as a card draw engine. German/British midrange seems interesting as a deck. Also combos with Tactical Retreat which seems like a fun meme.
Revealed by Scout on his twitch channel

A new Italian card that really offers some interesting ways to build decks. The 2 main ways to use this seem to be either some deck that uses a lot of blitz units so none of them get returned to hand or in a deck that have a lot of units with deployment effects to let you use the deployment effects multiple times. Very intersting design to push 2 completely different decks at the same time.
Also reveal by Scout on his twitch channel

Now onto the cards and mechanics seen from the Developers Blog

First up we have Resistance

Resistance isn't a card you include in your deck but is instead something cards will give to the enemy such as expeditionary force. It's cleat the resistance deck will be a mill type strategy but it remains to be seen what other cards will grant resistance. It's a new way for control decks to win and we'll see how it matches up to current control win cons (namely big units or a combo).

However we did get a card to help really push the mill in the b-26. It's hard to really say how good this is since we need a bigger picture of what resistance decks will do. So far units that require the need to attack have often been on the weaker side, however removing 3-4 cards can really empty a deck rapidly which is exactly what resistance decks are looking to do it seems.

Next up we know what the Mobilize is. The effect reads "Unit gets +1/+1 at the start of its turn. Unit loses Moblize when damaged."

The 48e is a seemingly pretty average mobilize unit. The turn it comes down is quite weak and at it's most vunerable. However giving it 1-2 turns lets it grow into a serious unit. Plus it gaining guard also makes it a nice defensive unit even if the enemy chooses to ignore it since you can just attack with it on your turn.

Although this doesn't have mobilize itself it does tie directly into the mechanic. If you have 2 units that have mobilzie this is a 6/5 artillery for 6 which is a pretty overstated unit. Even with a single mobilize a 4/5 artillery is a threat so I can see a mobilize based deck using this as a top end threat.

Although this card was already revealed we now can properly judge it since we know what mobilize is. A tank with Heavy Armor 2 that continues to grow is something that can be tough to deal with. Then even if they damage and kill the Char B1 you end up drawing a card which is a nice way to keep card advantage. A final note is that it can use it's heavy armor to attack low attack units without losing mobilize which can be a useful ability.

After that we have the final new keyword Alpine
Alpine stats "When an Alpine unit is deployed or added it gets +1/+1 for each other Alpine unit you control."

The first Alpine unit we've seen is a pretty powerful one. If you trigger the effect it's a 3/3 draw a card for 2k. It seems as though Alpine will be slanted towards aggro since it has a strong snowball potential. If Alpine is good this is probably one of the best payoffs for it.

Seemingly the finisher for an Alpine deck granting fury alongside a large artillery is pretty powerful way to actually close out games. If you play them back to back the second copy will give the first copy fury and an artillery piece with fury is a monster. 

WOW. That's all I really have to say about it. This card is super powerful. It's an overstated 2 drop that has the best protection we've seen in the game so far. Then add on that it can grow in an alpine deck and this card is super insane. This will likely go into almost every single german deck simply for it's stats.

A card that doesn't fit into any of the above categories but was revealed in the dev blog. It's going to almost always be a 6/6 fighter for 4K. You can either go with healing through nations like Britain or go a burn route with a nation like Japan but both end up with an overstated fighter. Another interesting card that can go into several very different decks.

That's all we have for now but it was such a crazy ride. Stay tuned as we only have 3 days left until the expansion drops. If possible we'll be posting theory crafted lists for you to try out when the expansion drops.