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New Cards Revealed on Dec 4th

By FunPolice

Let's get right into it with the Soviet card.

(Reserves is 1K Add two Light Infantry to your hand, plus one for each previously play Reserves.)
(Light infantry is a 1K 1/1 Infantry with 0 operation cost)
First up is the 1271st Rifles which gives the Soviet Tokens deck even more light infantry to flood the board with. A strong addition to help tokens fight through possible board wipes and into the late game. Reserves get truly ridicoulous where they give up to 9 light infantry if you play all of them which is a massive amount of infantry for almost any deck to really deal with.

In line with the previous card Gamer Mengel has revealed the P-40B Tomahawk which also is powerful in the Soviet Tokens deck. An important note is that you have to actually deploy the infantry and adding them through different effects such as No Surrender! won't trigger the Tomahawk. Nevertheless, it's no doubt a very powerful card as it turns your infantry into much more of threat as soon as they come down. With this on the battlefield you no longer have to worry about you're light infantry getting destroyed by cheap 1 damage pings from cards such as Naval Operation. You can even pair it up with 554th Rifle Regiment to always get a few buffs from the Tomahawk. It's surely going to be seen in every token deck  once the expansion releases.
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(Gunship Mission is 2K Deal 2 damage to a target in the enemy support line. Your HQ gains +2 defense)
The US card in this cycle is an interesting one. The body itself is lackluster but it does offer healing and a bit of removal for the card added. Gunship Mission is able to hit the enemy HQ in can even help finish the enemy off. We'll have to see if it finds a home in a deck such as Ramp or maybe in some new deck like a Bomber focused control deck.

(Naval Support is 2K Change the attack of a unit to be equal to it's defense)
An interesting support card to the Naval Support deck that has so far stuggled to find it's footing. Being able to run additional copies of it's primary card of Naval Support is a significant buff to the consistency of the deck. This doesn't change anything serious in the basic part of the deck but is no doubt a good card in that deck. However the question remains as to whether this is enough to make the deck a serious meta deck or whether it will remain a weak gimmick deck. Hopefully more support for this archtype is added to further help out.

(Dive Bombing is a 1K Give an enemy minion -2 attack and -1 defense until the start of your next turn)
The second Stuka added to the game this seems pretty average in most circumstances. The only place this makes sense is in a Combined Arms deck since it is one of the better bombers germany has access to currently. Dive Bombing on it's own isn't that amazing but it might be a nice way to get a good attack off when we can get it from a unit. We'll have to see if combined arms will want to run this to allow it to use other cards for it's ally slots.

(Surprise Attack is 2K Pin an enemy unit. If already Pinned, destroy it instead)
Personally I think this is the strongest card of this cycle of cards. The unit itself isn't amazing but having so many Suprise Attacks means most of your pin cards will be able to kill any unit. Japan has several strong pin cards such as Naval Operation and for this type of deck Britain also seems amazing due to their powerful pinning bombers and cards such as Monty and the new card Shelling. Is a pinning deck the new way to build a British/Japanese control deck? We'll have to see.

Several new cards today and with only 6 days until the expansion we'll hopefully being seeing more and more cards revealed. This expansion is already exciting with only a small number of cards actually revealed. How is France and Italy gonna end up working out? What new decks will the main nations be able to build? It's a very exciting time so stay tuned!