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Exclusive Card Reveal : Char B1 Bis

By Isenberg

Today, an exclusive card reveal on ! Char B1 bis : a 4/4 tank unit, Special rarity, Heavy Armor 2 with a new keyword : Mobilize. As you probably already noticed, this card belongs to a new support nation : France ! Vive la France !

Before we look closer at this new unit, some history facts.The Char B1 was first conceived in 1919, way long before the WW2. The bis version is an improved variant of the original tank. On the artwork you can see the word "Bourrasque" that is basically this tank's nickname .
Now let's talk about that card stats. If we look for existing tanks with similar stats there is the ISU-152, a soviet Elite card, 4/6, heavy armor 2.
Or the Tiger 1-H, for 1 more Kredits than the Char B1 Bis you have a 8/8, Heavy armor 2 badass tank.
The Char B1 bis has lower stats than those 2 tanks, so those weak stats must be compensated with something else : the new keyword. So far what we know about Mobilize ? I mean, what could it be? Mobilize? In military terminology, mobilize is the act of assembling and readying troops and supplies for war. How might that work in KARDS ?
If we follow that logic, that ability should be more helpful for control decks than aggro decks. Besides, this is a Special rarity card, and we know that Elite cards from support nations won't be able to be included in decks. So that means this card should be a France tier 1 card. Let's wait and see for the upcoming devblog for more details about that very unique ability.