PlayKards is no longer maintained. Go to the official website to find the best decks. Long live Kards !

This is Isenberg, the creator of I created the website in october 2019, at that time there wasn't any website available to create and share decks list.

Thanks to each of you who have created, shared, commented a deck, wrote an article, gave suggestions or advices to improve the website.

If you are reading this, you're probably interested in the future of PlayKards. The next steps are as following :

- A better hosting. Since Playkards has become quite popular among all the players, the current server is at its maximum capacity

- A better way to filter or seach decks. There will be new data like "deck archetype", "search by author", ...

- A card editor. If you've ever tried to create a card, you probably spent quite a long time. With the editor, that will be done in 2 minutes

- A forum where you can discuss about decks, strategies, ...

- An esport section and esports tools that will be useful to create or manage Kards competitions

If you want to be a part of the adventure, feel free to donate for the website. Even 1$ can help. The process payment is totally secure.

Thanks to all of you

You can donate using Paypal on the following link :

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