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* FM * JAPAN * 100% winrate

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Main nation : Japan

Support nation : Britain

Cost : 1864  

Patch version : June 2020 cards balance

Last update : 2020-06-25 by Royal

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I've played 5 games of this deck when I was under the general rank, I've won every single encounter.

Deck probably could get edited/polished but it worked for me and now I'm FM with JAPAN.


* Any missing cards, just replace with what you love!


CiaoBella - 2020-06-26
The clickbait is real
Njorkstred - 2020-06-27
F for clickbait. The deck is complete trash.
Royal - 2020-06-28
wow thanks njorksted asshole. It isn't clickbait, it's true, I've won every game with this deck so far, for me it's 100% winrate, maybe you just suck at kards and can't manage to play my deck correctly.
Jugador - 2020-07-01
100% clickbait :P
TaserDonut - 2020-07-03
What Njork said is that it may work for you, but that does not mean it works for everyone. noob deck, total c-bait, git gud.

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