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Combo Hurricane Deck

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Main nation : Britain

Support nation : Soviet

Cost : 1584  

Patch version : June 2020 cards balance

Last update : 2020-06-18 by

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Im 8 weeks into this game and found this deck to be amazing in the current meta

Mulligan depends on nation you play against, in my oppinion below is my recommendations

japan as many sickle as possible and build a combo to counter win plus control

german same but work around careless talk and look out for auto cannon deck

britain its a mirror match just play good but if aainst CW play smart

russia is probly the counter to this deck if they play tokens but thats why we have the empire strikes

usa keep sickle to counter 1 drops and control the game with bombers


all an all look for that sweet combo of hurricane insta kill with finest hour and firestorm along with cheap bombers to buff with close air support 


but most of all have fun with this deck i climbed from 2200 rank to 135 in 1 day 


Darkus - 2020-06-18
How do you play this list? Facing or controling the board?
delphium - 2020-06-25
@darkus its control all the way Great Deck! High elo for sure!

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