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Bombarding Atlantic Alliance - FM and early top 100

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Main nation : USA

Support nation : Britain

Cost : 1224  

Patch version : June 2020 cards balance

Last update : 2020-06-06 by kowalski

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This deck utilizes the low cost British air units together with the control and buff cards of USA. The goal is to quickly deploy the low cost bombers (Swordfish MK and Albacore MK) and combine with M8 Grayhound other attack increasing cards to quickly take control of the game. An early combo of MK bomber + For Freedom is almost guaranteed win. Removal cards make it easy for the bombers to survive and then comes P-38 for further push. RAAF, Corsair and M16 provide further board control. Not sure how I feel about We can do it. It's a nice touch, but it doesn't feel absolutely necessary. If I could, I would switch for another Finest hour.

Regarding British bomber-based removal cards (Empire Strikes and Precision Bombing): They are not worth their high cost and situational activation condition (not even in the reverse version of the deck, with Britain main and USA support). Good-old Awoken giant, Gunship mission and Death from above will do the dirty work. 

Mulligan: You should try to get Swordfish and/or M8 as early as possible. For Freedom and T19 are also good options. Avoid also unit-only hands. A removal card will get you extra insurance.

Weaknesses: Multiple or powerful fighters. Fortunately I haven't met many this season. Try to keep Carpet Bombing and other removal cards for situations like these. Also, anything less than a good opening against Germany is going to be trouble. Try to find Awoken.

I easily made Field Marshal with a slightly cheaper version of this deck (as well as with the reverse version). Currently in top 100 in Officer Club, but very early in the season. Eagerly waiting for your feedback. 


PAREO33 - 2020-06-07
nice deck I have replaced 1 CORSAIRF4U by an elite: P-61 black widow which synergise well with the deck i think
kowalski - 2020-06-08
Cool touch, though I really love CORSAIRF. I have made numerous tweaks myself, especially regarding boss units (added a TBF-1 Avenger) and it's still doing well and keeping up in between top 50 and 200. I will update with new decklist when changes are a lot

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