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Italian Retreataurant (No-Elites)

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Main nation : USA

Support nation : Italy

Cost : 900  

Patch version : Theatres of war release

Last update : 2020-07-06 by Oxymoron

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My Stats: 184W 141L (57%, Crazy Banana)

A decent, medium-cost, no-elite, aggro deck, that may come as a surprise to a lot of players.

June 2020 Changes

  1. +1 MAGIC (for getting through Guards or repairing a triple-buffed L6/40, -1 AWOKEN GIANT
  2. +1 109th COMBAT ENGINEERS (because I opened my first one in a pack!), -1 AWOKEN GIANT
  3. +1 T19 HOWIZTER (to get through Guards), -1 AWOKEN GIANT
  4. +1 IN THE NAVY (so good on a L6/40, very strong), -1 SPIRIT OF ROME
  5. +2 GUNSHIP MISSION, -1 1st MARINES, -1 FIAT C.R.42


  • A unit retreating due to a destroyed L6/40 uses a move order. You cannot retreat and move/attack in the same turn.
  • Don't play two L6/40's to the battlefield, unless you are sure. Double retreat triggers can cause havoc with your strategy, but then sometimes it is optimal if you are going for lethal damage.
  • Focus buffing your L6/40. Avoid the urge to buff your air units in the support line - they will most likely get retreated.
  • Keep your on-deploy units in the support line for as long as possible.
  • If you are in the front line, and your opponent is drip feeding units and you can go 0-for-1, sometimes it is optimal to do so rather than going for the face. Don't let the enemy get in, always kill that KFz....always....
  • From Turn 3 is it advisable to spread out your pump orders. If you have 2x SUPPLY SHIPMENTS to order, give them to 2 different front line units instead of 1, unless you are trying to 1-shot a Guard and deal HQ damage in the same turn.


German aggro and German disruption decks. By that I mean, in the first instance, CARELESS TALK, SUDDEN STRIKE, TACTICAL STRIKE and FLAMMPANZER are your worst nightmares. It can be painful when your enemy keeps one of each and just hits you with one each turn. Seeing 2 or 3 flammies is utterly horrible. Early PANTHER A's, 83rd NAVAL BRIGADEs, and/or ARMORED TRAINS can be very hard to deal with unless you happen to be holding a TORPEDO.

Against British Commando/Tempo/Combo decks, always prepare for a 7th turn CARPET BOMB. Hold back an M8 or L6/40 to strike quickly.

Other people playing this deck. As of writing on the 6th July 2020, I have encountered this deck 25 times out of 1500 (1.7% chance to encounter)

You really need to start with an L6/40. In my opinion you only need 1, and you only need 1 on the battlefield at any given time. Duplicates should be held back in hand. Ideally, in addition to an L6/40, you want as many 0K, 1K and 2K Kards as possible in your starting hand. A SUPPLY SHIPMENT and/or USACE, followed by a 17th INFANTRY is a good opening hand.

The odds of drawing 1 of 4 L6/40 (before mulligan) is 32%, and it increases to 44% (after mulligan), assuming you draw from a pool of 39 again. Unfortunately, this deck doesn't do too well without drawing one. An M8 GREYHOUND is OK and better than nothing. The odds of drawing either one is 44% (before mulligan)

Turns 0-1
Play your L6/40 and attack, attack, attack. Pump it up with USACE and SUPPLIES. Play your 17th INFANTRY in to your L6, but no real need to advance it. Keep your 17th's in your supply line. Likewise, keep your HALF-TRACKs in your supply line. Play any FIAT C.R.42's as decoys (often people will FROM THE PEOPLE your FIAT's instead of your L6's thinking that is better value for money) and to take advantage of any M8 GREYHOUNDS in the front line.

If you have a FIAT G.55 in your opening hand you need to prioiritise getting your opponent HQ to 15 to bring the FIAT G.55 online. If you don't, then sometimes it is optimal to clear early deployments, especially against German decks.

Always clear that KFz...always....

If you are up against a German deck and going 1st, and you don't have a good 2nd turn play, do not play your L6/40 in to a CARELESS TALK. Sometimes it is better to hold back a turn and react. 

Turn 2-3
Play any M8's to the front line in preparation for a T4 SHERMAN. M8's also work with any 0K FIATs in your support line.

By Turn 3 your opponent will have answers for your L6/40. Prepare for this. Against Soviets, expect a 1/8 Guard. Spread out your pump orders! Or delay until after the first round of removal and surprise your enemy with a pumped M8 on the 4th turn!

If you are the 2nd player in a fast Jap/Germ aggro deck. You obviously want to try to stop them from getting to the front line so they don't get a RISING SUN draw. But if you can't, re-taking the front line is vital with this deck. Use your AWOKEN GIANTs to retake front line ASAP. I've put 3x of these in because I've been getting a lot of Jap/Gem Go-for-the-face aggro decks in my Meta. But you can swap these for larger 5th turn removals like FROM THE ABOVE, and the TORPEDOES if you are struggling more against British/Soviet Guard/Stompy Tank Decks.

Turn 4
Turn 4 should be a SHERMAN-draw turn. At this point you want to time an M8 GREYHOUND to be in the front line. Hopefully you should be getting in free 0K attacks with any surving L6/40's or FIATs.

If you are up against a French Resistance deck, obviously play those resistance Kards away ASAP! Your deck is full of common & limited s**t, you don't Kare if they get disKarded. Just don't give your enemy's SABOTAGE any fuel, also you want to be prioritising drawing, so you cannot risk a 9-hand draw phase under any circumstances. Discarding 2-3 Kards on T4 is optimal to not drawing at all on the 5th.

Turn 5-6
Use HUMAN TORPEDO to clear Guards in the Support Line, or B-25 to clear late game issues with a GUNSHIP MISSION. The M18's should also be held back to clear pesky 5th turn Guard Tanks.

If your enemy has bunkered down with Guards by Turn 6 and your L6/40's become useless, it is advisible to stop trying to attack with them and use them instead to retreat your SHERMANs, HALF-TRACKS, 17th's and so-on. Try to get a big hand for Turn 8.

Use HALF-TRACK's & 99th's to retreat large enemy guards, especially after they've ordered a 4th or 5th turn NAVAL SUPPORT. If you are playing against Britain, sometimes it is advisable to hold back an early HALF-TRACK just so you get that NAVAL SUPPORT or SUPPLY DROP.

Turn 7+

Use HALF-TRACK & 99th to Retreat Guards or Frontline deployments to get a big HELLCAT attack in.
Hit the HQ with 6 damage from 3 GUNSHIP MISSIONS.


GUNSHIPS: See here.



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