Budget Air Rush

Main nation : Britain

Support nation : Soviet

Cost : 1344  

Patch version : Allegiance released

Created : 2019-12-16 by GKZhukov

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For a quick(ish) Brit FM without fancy Elites. (You can switch out the Monty and play around with different cards in the Spec slots). Albacore is extremely useful, but the others aren't really vital.

It's also not a bad deck for honing a bit of discipline as since it lacks effects like Mosquito/Kitty/Sexton, you have to be careful with when to use your Precision Bombing or playing around cards that aren't susceptible to it etc.


Main thing is to just get down early threats and then buff with Close Air Support or Patriotic Firestorm to either eliminate enemy threats or storm the HQ. Hurricanes are a nice budget finisher that demand your opponent answer them or die a quick death. Most of the one-ofs are because I only have one, you could use more and drop other things though. Deciding when to drop your Albacore and Skuas and when to hold them for the dmg/pin effect is a key part of learning the deck. Also knowing when to Firestorm and when yo hold back.

Generally you rush slow decks, and stall and counter-attack quick decks, though of course it varies.


NeroMcBrain - 2020-01-05

Could you make a more expensive version of this deck for those who have almost every Elite?

TaserDonut - 2020-02-10

or maybe a cheaper one

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