Low Rarity Arty Aggro

Main nation : USA

Support nation : Soviet

Cost : 504  

Patch version : Allegiance released

Created : 2020-01-05 by Scientiavore

Rating  : 25   Upvote this deck

This deck has no specials and elites, and a variation of it has reached FM 5 times (d13 used it last season, I used it last season and this season, and played a variation of it for the two seasons before allegiance).  This is the latest decklist I used for this archtype.  

While a lot of people struggle with getting the US to FM on a limited collection, I've found this deck to be pretty reliable.  I've even used a variation of this deck competitively on the ladder for the first two seasons.  

I'm of the opinion that no deck should be set in stone.  Between things like individual playstyles, whatever the meta is, and tweaking any given deck should go through many changes and have different variations.  Feel free to ask me questions about this deck or different cards.  


Fast Heinz Ketchup - 2020-01-08

Got 1 Star from FM 3 times and knocked all the way back down to 0. On a 5 Game losing streak atm.

Fast Heinz Ketchup - 2020-01-09

Finally got it, pretty fun deck!

watdeduck - 2020-01-11

It seems that this deck is vulnerable to backline sweeper cards like Eagle Claw or Strategic Bombing, at least until turn 5 when you play We Can Do It. (one of em is an elite card tho). Do you have any tips concerning that matchup?

Scientiavore - 2020-01-12

I constructed this deck with those removal cards in mind.  Keep in mind that removal is only effective if it actually removes units.  Many of the artillery I chose have 3 or 4 hp to survive hits from Eagle Claw.  The only ones that don't are katyusha (which you should generally play as removal to get value from it), and the 2 45mm anti-tank guns placed for the aggro matchup.  You can also use buffs from 17th infantry regiment to give you a little extra health to survive those removal orders if need be.  We can do it can also frequently be played before strategic bombing due to their kredit costs (and the fact that you have 3 copies of it to their 1).  The deck has the tools to deny value from those removal orders as long as you remember to keep them in mind and play around them. 

That being said, with the unexpected nerf to 12th infantry this patch, I would probably look to replace them with something else.  

watdeduck - 2020-01-12

Thanks for the reply. Maybe I'm just a wee bit wary because of my recent matchups against US/GER ramp to Tiger/Leopold/B-17 decks. They usually have lots of backline sweeper in hand, and due to their ramp being able to play multiples of em to run me out of threats. Since I don't have the 12th Inf. Rgt. anyway, I'm thinking of filling the spot with cheap US airplane like the F4F (any version) or maybe sub the A-20 with Patriotic Firestorm to seal the game

Fast Heinz Ketchup - 2020-01-16

I went on a 15 game run with exactly what you have here. I was playing it sort of wrong, you really have to hammer the HQ.

Ironzzz - 2020-02-08

Scientiavore, thanks for sharing this awesome deck. Got 5 wins in a row and also FM.

Those low rarities decks from you are really something else. Cheers mate from Brazil.

kvorum - 2020-02-24

Which Specials would you add? I'm thinking T-80 could be a good fit. Maybe Mobilization for resource extension or Enemy Spotted for turnaround potential. 

BadgerW4 - 2020-04-29

I can no longer even get past 3 stars at General with this deck.  I really think everyone's adjusted to it. :(  That leaves me without an American deck that wins regularly. <sigh>  Everything else is at FM, except the poor Americans.

DirtSlap - 2020-04-30

Thanks for this deck. Got to FM in less than 2 days as a newish player. First FM ever. Can't build decks well, so thanks for the help. 

forgestryker - 2020-05-04

Am i seeing things or is this deck less than 40 cards?

The_Blue_Wizard - 2020-05-04

39 cards plus the HQ.

TeutoburgForest - 2020-05-08

I played a version of this deck changing a we can do it for a cadet nurse corps, a 12th infantry regiment for a 10th engineer battalion, and the three soviet bomers (I don't have them) for a naval bombardment, an A-24 Banshee and a 76 mm howitzer 1939. It worked delightfully and took me to FM with only one loss, thank you very much.

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