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Blitzkrieg Panzer Charge: 80% Winrate

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Main nation : Germany

Support nation : Japan

Cost : 2872  

Patch version : April 2020 cards balance

Last update : 2020-04-25 by Castor's Cross

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"What I cannot crush with words I will crush with the tanks of the Imperial Guard!"

Nothing quite compares to commanding wave after wave of glorious roaring warmachines onwards to bring high explosive destruction upon all who oppose you. This deck captures the spirit of the lightning war with swarms of early infantry and fast vehicles to set up for a decisive and lethal Blitzkrieg before your opponent can establish a defence.



The general idea is to deploy many 1K or 2K infantry and tank units in the opening turns and move them onwards into the frontline, applying pressure on the enemy HQ whilst safely eliminating urgent enemy threats that may appear. Once the frontline is secure, focus on emptying your hand and preparing for a massive Blitzkrieg or Enigma, either of which can more or less end the game. Trading is to be avoided if possible, make your opponent spend their kredits destroying your units rather than deploying additional forces or orders. If the enemy spends an early turn or two developing their strategy ramping or playing resistance, draw etc, even your smallest units may suddenly be able to output a large amount of damage from attack buffs, pump orders and incoming blitz tanks reinforcements. 

Artillery and Bombers are however worth attacking or trading into as even the low attack seen on early units is more than enough to clear your invasion force. Destroy Katyushas, Swordfish, Howitzers and the like ASAP. This deck runs no removal orders so knowing when to attack units rather than assault the HQ is crucial and must be done with the aim of keeping your forces alive. It cannot be stressed enough that even your most measly damaged (38)t can turn into 5 damage almost from nowhere.

The deck differs from other aggressive decks in having almost no removal capability and relying very heavily on it's frontline, with a greatly reduced focus on support elements like artillery or aircraft, as they will not benefit from your Blitzkrieg. It also does not bring burn or direct HQ damage, so your only way through guard is courage and sacrifice.

Mulligans and Start

Mulligan every card in your hand that does not cost 1K unless it is Encirclement, Panzer 35(t) or Gebirgsjaeger. Any of the 1K cards in this deck are perfectly workable in your standing hard. Infantry, being slower than tanks, should be deployed first and moved into the frontline as a matter of urgency. Prioritise playing cards with 0K operation cost as they can then venture forth to attack or be killed without any further investment. Tanks can be deployed early and moved forwards later if necessary. Only deploy your attack buff tanks, Type 93 and SDKFZ when they will be able to provide immediate value, as they are too tempting a target for enemy removal. 

Mid and Late Game

Do not hurry to deploy the 3K cost and above cards unless you have no smaller units to play or if the situation immediately calls for it. A canny T3 Flammpanzer can be a very valuable play to remove smokescreened targets, even if you don't move it forwards right away. Holding the frontline is crucial and if you need the Flammpanzer's 4 defense to do so, move it on ahead. The Panzer III-L and Komet are your "finishers", able to deal a slightly more substantial amount of HQ damage from hand once your smaller forces are spent. Playing the Panzer III-L early will just see it removed.


High defense guard units are surprisingly less of a concern than you may think. The cheap guard units usually have 1 attack, which makes them slow to work through your frontline forces which usually have 2 or 3 defense, and will cost the opponent valuable K as they do so. With sufficient attack pumps or a Blitzkrieg, your units will make short work of even the larger guards when you commence your decisive swing. If a more dangerous guard does appear, sadly there is no recourse but to ram multiple units into it, but only if the units would be destroyed anyway and if you have nothing better to do. In later turns, having guards out of the way for your Komet is more worthwhile than your early game remnants.


Soviet Value
This is your nightmare. T1 Zhukov finding Cossacks or 845th Rifles, can be almost impossible to counter with this deck. The Flammpanzers are your only option for dealing with 329th Engineer Battallion. Taking out the first 1st Rifles is doable. Once they get in the loop of multiple, you will probably not win the match. Ignore the Chaikas, these are a good example of when to make your opponent spend their time and K clearing your units. If the enemy manage to pull off a highroll high value Red Banner, it is probably GG. 

British Air/Control
Do not allow Bombers to stay alive if you can help it. Remove Gladiators and other small fighters if you can do so without losing units. This is because Finest Hour, Close Air Support, The Empire Strikes are key to the enemy strategy and can give the enemy an advantage you will not be able to recover from. Don't stress too much about Commandos and other value generating units, keep applying pressure on the HQ. EXPECT the Carpet Bombing T7. Pray that you have managed to empty your hand and are ready to pull off an Enigma for more gas. Maybe you have Flammpanzers on the backline ready to move in and replace your erstwhile frontline. 

Soviet Tokens
Kill. Do not allow Light Infantry to live. Ignore the HQ until the enemy hand and spirit are broken and depleted, then end them with a Blitzkrieg before they can recover. Watch out for The Alliance and 109th Combat Engineers.

German Aggro Mirror
The true 200IQ grandmaster matchup. You must weigh up when to damage the HQ and when to clear units. Sometimes trading will be necessary if you anticipate incoming buffs. Ownership of the frontline and minimising casualties are key to victory.

Jap Aggro
The only deck in the game faster than you. Here you must play defensively, using your 3 defense units wherever possible until you can begin to deploy Flammpanzers and stabilize. Be cautious of Mito Regiment and if the enemy deploys Takasagi Regiment, follow the guide earlier regarding dealing with guards.

USA Air/Ramp
An easy matchup, if they spend the early turns ramping, you will be able to dominate the board uncontested. The high value bombers and orders that they are climbing towards have greatly reduced effect on your forces, destroying a random unit isn't too worrying when most of your deck cost 1K. Wirbelwind may be able to shine in these fights. Watch out for Awoken Giant.


Individual Card Analysis


4x 34th Infantry Regiment: The best T1 play you can hope for. Your matches will not last long enough for their drawback to significantly affect the game, but watch out to see if you lose your Komet or either Enigma.

4x Panzer II-A: An absolute workhorse of the deck. The 2nd best T1 play, and no need to move up immediately as they can sit comfortably under their smokescreen until they are needed for your Blitzkrieg or to hunt Katyushas etc.

3x Panzer 35(t): The perfect T2 follow up to the 34th Infantry, slam them against the opposing HQ or remove their T1 drop if safe to do so. Nice to keep in hand with For the Emperor or Blitzkrieg for a huge from hand charge if necessary.

3x Sd KFZ: Not an ideal T1 play but better than nothing. Blitz gives this card great flexibility and works wonders at securing good attacks and squeezing in extra damage.

3x Type 93: Expect to see a lot of Bloody Sickle hitting these. Usually best to deploy only when you have some other units ready to attack and take advantage of the buff. If this is your only 1K starting card you will probably have a bad game.

2x Gebirgsjaeger: Excellent stats and relevant effect for your T2. Almost nothing better to do in T2 or at any stage of the game. As stated in the main guide, deploying infantry before tanks is usually the better call as they need time to advance.

2x Encirclement: Beautiful on Gebirgsjaeger, reasonable on a Flammpanzer if you have the Kredits or need the frontline defense, not awful on 34th Infantry or a Wirbelwind. Works well right before a Fast Heinz, Blitzkrieg etc. Note that Encirclement drops the new unit on the right hand side of the frontline so be careful. Situationally useful on a SDKFZ or Type 93 when trying to optimize your damage on board.

2x Wirbelwind: Fairly good T3 unit which can move into the frontline or safely clear an enemy as it arrives. As with other blitz tanks, don't underestimate the flexibility of holding in hand with a pump card. The aircraft pinning effect is extremely niche, but can occasionally restrict the options available to your opponent, which is always good.

2x Arado AR 196: Can make for a fine T1 unit if it will draw you a card. None of the orders in this deck are particularly disappointing to get. If you already have a strong board presence, save the Arado in hand in case you get cleared and need to fish for an Enigma for wave 2. Also makes for a great Katyusha hunter.


Alternative Cards - Special/Elite
These are arranged in order of necessity from Crucial to Not Needed.

Enigma: Mandatory. Do not play this deck without 2x. Pulling off a huge Enigma is one of the most satisfying orders in the whole game, craft these immediately.

Komet: If you can craft a single Elite for this deck, make it the Komet. If not, Air Blitz will be a reasonable replacement.

Gebirgsjaeger: Almost mandatory. This unit is packed with so much value it hurts to go without.  Also lets you play fun Alpine decks. 59 Panzergrenadier will suffice.

Encirclement: Almost mandatory. This order is packed with so much value it hurts to go without.  Also lets you play fun Alpine decks. 59 Panzergrenadier will suffice.

Fast Heinz: The other Elite that I would highly reccomend crafting for the deck. Your preference of cheap buff or pump order can fill the slot, maybe a third Blitzkrieg.

Wirbelwind: 3.7cm Flak will be fine.

Arado AR 196: Panzer 38(t) I suppose. 33rd Recon or 22. Infantry Regiment are anothers special but work just as well.

For the Emperor: Akita Regiment or Cavalry Regiment. Not having this card shifts the deck away from tanks slightly as you're less likely to get as much value from the operation cost reduction.

Panzer III - L: Air Blitz.

Adler Command Vehicle: Not a very necessary card. 3.7cm Flak or any other low K tank will serve.

15cm Autokanone: Air Blitz.




Bismarck - 2020-04-25

Thank you for this excellent description ! I hope other deck creators learn from this.

Whthawke66 - 2020-05-13

Ditto on the description kudos. Very helpful to understand the reasoning, for own deck building, etc,

Fest_mkiv - 2020-07-01
Great description. I only have about half the cards for this deck but the concept still works without some of the rarer cards.

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