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New World Order (+n)

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Main nation : USA

Support nation : Germany

Cost : 312  

Patch version : April 2020 cards balance

Last update : 2020-04-22 by CaptainSpaulding

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I've decided to give this a whirl. After reading many ppl say that balanced power decks for the broke player is impossible, i give to you, this deck.

I call it creation: (+n) stat mechanic.

After hours of playing many of you, I noticed a common theme of "turn & burn"...aka a lot of you love the meatgrinder Japan ver. Why not? its about "attacking the face" and getting the quick win. But it has a flaw.... a big one. All it takes is a 2-3 turn disruption, and *poof*, youre done. After all, its merely a race to see who can do 20 dmg in 8 turns or less. Put a bump in its road , and its almost impossible to recover from. They aren't prepared to last past 8 turns. 

Well what about those "air raid" decks, using England?? That style of play is meant to be Defensive, long & drawn out. This style of play has 2 makes those who want a quick win, sit it out and play the game. Most of you then get frustrated and surrender, once you phase & burn out of cards by the 8th turn of the game. Patience wins that game easy. Most will just rage surrender to move onto an easy win. Its also infantry & plane heavy. It also makes use of a mechanic known as "Guard."  As long as you guard your tower, and respond with range units, you can win. So how do you stop that? You control the front line and rain down artillery.

But Captain, how do you deal with the insurmountal attack of infantry from the soviet Red? Cheap units easily tossable all for the greater good. between the artillery and constant cheap life, how do we stop it? They always control the front line, they dont care about thier tower. What do you do? You make them constantly discard. For them its about supply. Most dont have a balance between artillery and infantry..its usually heavier one side or the other. So interupt the supply chain. Its about operational costs. Drain thier bank and hand of cards and kredits.

Now, heres where it comes full circle. How do you manage to make a deck that allows a 70.1% win rate, can be used with all or almost all cards from the standard, limited (& a cpl epic, I think). At no time did I ever purchase packs, only the rando draw from the missions, and broken down cards. I began learning about this game 3 weeks ago. I downloaded & played within the last week. This is my first "pauper power deck" build.

Depending on your preference, here is the alt swaps i have discovered so far:

3 American A-20 Havocs Airplaines (rando enemy +2 Op cost) ---3 German Stukas (every time you dmg enemy HQ, opponent discards)

The basic function of this deck is to speed up & increase kredits, steady card draw, & control the flow of the game so you can adapt to your opponent. When its your turn TAKE YOUR TIME LAYING YOUR CARDS IN ORDER. DON'T RUSH. But the premise of this deck, is no matter the ORIGINAL HAND and discards, your opening hand will always be the same.  Even if you see cards you really want right away, NO.  Just follow the opening, and adapt to the discovery. If you dont know how to scout yoour oppenent in the first 3 hands (you should know their main by the HQ card or their deck top, and then in 3 turns their ally usually appears). This entire deck is meant to HELP YOU as you go. If you do it right, you will be earning extra kredit and drawing extra cards every turn after the 4th turn. 

Here is the first 4 (or 5, depending on your spot) cards to obtain:

M8 Greyhound or 1st German Regiment (Turn 1- 1 kredit)
Reichbank or War Machine (Turn 2 - 2 kredits)
M4 Sherman or Panzer 38(t) (turn 3 or 4 -3 or 4 kredits)
A-20 Havoc or Pak 38 (Pal 36 will also work) (laid down in turn 4)

After that, you should be able to adapt to your opponent. The mechanics are pretty simple. If you need to control the frontline, take it right away.  Turn 1 establishes a unit, turn 4 you should be squeezing your opponent. The unit mechanics are "+n". This means, each turn you should be able to increase unit stats by +1 or more, your kredits, or the amount of cards in your hand. There are some minor variable plays of the opening I have discovered do happen where you just dont get them, its ok. It still works its stelf out.

On Japanese decks, take advantage of the A-20 Havoc mechanics to slow the movevent of their troops. Its a Race to strike HQ first.
On British Decks, Build A range of Artillery & bombers. Dont worry about the who controls frontline. Only take it when mechanics require it.
On Soviet Decks, Build up a frontline of tanks. Keep an M8 Greyhound on the frontline, if you can. Metal beats Muscle. Here, "go for the face!"
On German Decks, Take out their artillery early on. Use the (+1) infantry mechanics and swarm the frontline by stacking the +n on your biggest one. Hulk smash.

There has not been a game where I could not rebound from a msitake. I win 7 of 10 with this deck. using ALL STANDARD CARDS. 

Stay tuned for my "Donald Trump" Deck.

Its gonna be Big, bigly expensive,its gonna be tremendous. Its gonna have the best cards. Only America makes the best cards. Some might say if you had these cards, you could win with them, but we wont know until we know how much it will cost. Its gonna be YYYUUUGE!



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