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Soviet Beginner Deck - 75% Starter Cards 90% WR

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Main nation : Soviet

Support nation : USA

Cost : 768  

Patch version : April 2020 cards balance

Last update : 2020-04-18 by winstonchurchill

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Hey I created this deck after looking around this site and found that other decks require more advanced cards that I dont have yet. Im 3 days into the game so my cards are mostly starter so hopefully this helps. I got frustrated after a big losing streak but this deck turned my game around. 

Please let me know if you have any critics or suggestions. I managed to win 7/8 of my games so far with this deck.


honeybunny - 2020-04-18

seems to be working pretty good so far!

winstonchurchill - 2020-04-24

Update: I managed to get into field marshall using this deck whilst keeping my win rate high >90%. The only changes i made was when i got katyusha and i substituted it 321st rifle regiment. Good luck and have fun!

Badsell - 2020-04-25

Having trouble with this deck against enemies that place armored tanks early. Rare situation though

marronigus - 2020-04-25

Very effective deck. Thanks! Indeed, Katyusha is a good substitute and I am also looking to replace the M4 Sherman because I rarely have enough US units on the line to be able to benefit from its effect. Any ideas?

Petit_Poney - 2020-05-11

Thanks for the sharing, I was stuck for a few games in General with Soviets, felt like my cheap homemade deck had reached his limit ! But I went straight to FM with your, so... thumbs up !

lensman00 - 2020-05-15

Nearly gave up after bouncing around with other decks at General -- this one got me through! Discord suggested to put in additional Sickles, plus Katy & 1st Marine. I also replaced the M4 tank and used KV-1 1939 (a special) instead of Armored Train.

winstonchurchill - 2020-05-16

Thanks guys! I myself is still stuck in general right now in the new season and thought this deck was no longer able to get to me FM. But ill try again later! @marronigus sorry for the late reply! as @lensman00 said you might want to replace it with another tank unit with similar costs. Havent really got the time to tweak it but ill get back to you hopefully. 


Btw guys - I totally forgot I included armored train in this deck - which defeat the entire purposes of me creating & sharing the deck at first since I hated that all the deck in here included Elites I didnt have. The first time i made the deck I havent got armored train so I guess we can just replace it with something that have a similar costs!

Ofer6 - 2020-05-30
New to forum....where is the list of cards for this? "here is my Deck" where do I find it??
Sexual_Harrasm_Panda//Pvt.Paul - 2020-06-06
Well... To anyone at ~1500 MMR above reading this: This deck actually sucks. Yeah, this deck technically CAN work; it just is some Bobbys 1st "custom" deck. Every single one of these 1k and 2k units NEVER get played. They are trash. Replace it with removal or just anything because nearly everything would perform better. However, both 3k and 4k units are okay-good and T34-85 genuinely is one of the best common card in the entire game. The -42 also is a solid one. Things I would also improve: remove every single one of the 95th regiment. 7 attack is cool but 5 hitpoint simply aint enough. go all out on blood sickle and remove any us orders and traps except death from above. US does have way better cheap early game units than soviets. Add 1-2 additional Shermans. You NEED draw cards because ressources win the war. Katyusha has dropped significantly in strength so I encourage you furthermore to add american artillery because artillery essentially is free damage on anything. Moreover, Id suggest the soviet card Tamanskaya, which heals every ground unit of yours. Focus your play on tanky units with just enough damage that they can retaliate while artillery lines enemy units up for the tanks. Finally, I want to remind you that without fighters (aircraft) you cannot defend bombers. So you need to have enough removal/artillery AND heal to afford a non-rush strategy against said units. As it is, your deck is mere cannon fodder for air only decks/ bomber decks. BTW, Armored Train is NOT a good card to craft if you saved some ressources guys, Soviets have Airborne and Naval. So much better! PLS ask if theres anything you wanna know.
CiaoBella - 2020-06-12
Jo bloody sickle less than 4x is not worth reading more. Sry bro try again
Sexual_Harrasm_Panda//Pvt.Paul - 2020-06-21
Bella R you retarded? Most Top Players have lists with <4 Sickles. Especially if they are more focused on Late Game. Can even link you some with no sickles at all.
Kennylance - 2020-06-23
Thanks a lot for the suggestion Pvt.Paul! Truly appreciated.
xialang - 2020-12-18
Thanks for sharing : )
RedOrchestra137 - 2020-12-29
Got to Field Marshal with a deck built on this one's core cards. It's a good idea but needs some tweaking to get through higher ranks. I switched from US to UK as supporting nation and that actually seemed to work better in General. Could've been luck though, but the +1/+3 british card for guard units works really quite well with this. But tbh the FM rank doesn't really feel all that special as I've only been playing for less than a week, and i've never hit the highest rank in any other card game. Maybe it's just easier to level but I feel like the FM label is not really that significant for a deck in this game

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