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Soviet Tokens | 78% Winrate

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Main nation : Soviet

Support nation : USA

Cost : 1872  

Patch version : Allegiance released

Last update : 2019-12-16 by Spooz_Twitch

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This deck had a 23:8 score on my first stream in allegiance. 

Second stream: 9:1

Overall: 32:9


I am streaming regularly on twitch:


Wing HKG - 2020-01-01

Thanks really a easy to FM deck

NeroMcBrain - 2020-01-06

I've lost 5 games in a row with this deck. 78% win rate my ass

Spooz_Twitch - 2020-01-08

Then you had some serious bad match ups or you played that deck wrong. 5 games is btw. no sample size to say if a deck is good or bad.

MNThundergod - 2020-01-22

Holy crap- I was missing a decent chunk of the rarer cards and still took this from 0 stars LT to FM. My very first FM! Thanks Spooz!


Spooz_Twitch - 2020-01-24

Glad to hear that. You're welcome :)

MSThompson47 - 2020-01-31

Good deck

christian.baus - 2020-02-13

Is there a Deck Tracker for KARDS or count ypu personally?

Pingsprayer - 2020-05-02

Is it still worth building?

Sammelstelle - 2020-06-01
reached FM with it one day ago
Oxymoron - 2020-06-05
Played a variant (with MEN OF STEEL and CLOSE COMBAT) of this tonight and got 6 wins, 0 losses to get to my Soviets to FM. So it is still good.

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