Top-5 March

Main nation : Soviet

Support nation : USA

Cost : 4380  

Patch version : February 2020 cards balance

Created : 2020-03-31 by Drogear

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Time for my Top-5 deck for the season.

Had to struggle a bit on which deck to post this time. +50% of games played was a German/US deck but it may not be the strongest one at this moment. Rest of my games was by large split 25/25 Soviet with Germany/US ally.

German ally gives more strength early to fend of rush decks and US gives a stronger late game.

Earlier versions of these Soviet decks are posted in December and February but they are outdated in some aspects.

I give you my up to date Top-5 December deck that is very strong at this moment and many top players use their own version of it this season.

Lend-Lease 3.0

M4A1 Is a card that found increasing popularity with the surge of German discard. You don’t want these in hand but to be given to you from a discard.


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