Transpacific Pact Modified

Main nation : Japan

Support nation : USA

Cost : 1080  

Patch version : February 2020 cards balance

Created : 2020-03-25 by TaserDonut

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A more consistent version of the deck that got me to FM this March. The base strategy is to get an infantry to the frontline and buff it to crazy levels. There are many ways of killing your opponent included.

First one is the plain 34th total rush for blood. You grab a 34th in mulligan along with a supply shipment and two Model 25s (both models not required, sometimes having a USACE in starting hand is better). Turn 1 you play the 34th. Turn 2 you move it into the frontline and give it supply shipment. Turn 3 you pull out the Models and hit the HQ (12hp remaining). Unless your opponent is a soviet with a Hammer, they have no way to kill you on their turn. Therefore Turn 4 you want to hit face again, but remember to buff first. From there the battle is won.

Second strategy is reliant on a 6th infantry regiment and its Fury. The goal is get the regiment into the front and buff its attack to 10 and it really does not matter how you do it if you get there. Chonky Regiment is therefore a more OTK way of killing your opponnent despite still being quite fast (cca. turn 7).

You also have some other support units for attack if you want to do a mass charge of cars (Naval Supply Run and a bunch of Model 25s and Type 93s is great fun if you can get it going) or if you ran out of steam and all you can do is sacrifice units (Signal regiment). Akitas are great for getting rid of unwanted enemies, as well as Gunship Mission (pesky artillery!).Isolation helps you rid of units which you are not capable of killing (but that does not happen often). Rising Sun is your draw power and the rest of the cards are useful buffs.



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