Soviet USA Valuetown

Main nation : Soviet

Support nation : USA

Cost : 4452  

Patch version : February 2020 cards balance

Created : 2020-03-26 by Best Sakuya NA

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Play midrange units and draw cards while removing their stuff whenever needed. This deck is very slow and is played very patiently, focusing on removing the opponent's possibilities for winning, rather than pushing any individual win condition for yourself. Can win by snowballing USA air units, KV-1, fatigue, all sorts of ways. There's enough control over your card draw to help vs Resistance decks and you can afford to play slower vs them. Put in one more low cost unit like 845th for Arctic Convoy if aggro is giving you trouble, but 15th moto, 1st Rifles, and Chaika are usually plenty with how much removal the deck uses. Against slower control decks, you can use Hellcat and Kuban Cossacks to push damage, then sit back with air and KV-1. Hellcat can also snipe bombers from hand for 5 Kredits. There's probably a better replacement for Death From Above but I don't have all the cards yet, and it's useful if they only have one backline unit out. Sometimes you can't use Workers Unite until very late game and that's okay, it still gets you some value then, especially since you can't really fatigue with 1st Rifles. Hoping to take the deck to top 5 this season.


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