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Soviets Control | 90% Winrate

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Main nation : Soviet

Support nation : Germany

Cost : 4440  

Patch version : February 2020 cards balance

Last update : 2020-03-11 by Spooz_Twitch

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Wing HKG - 2020-03-27

Thanks for sharing just watched some of your twitch video yesterday.

I don't have IOSEF Stalin II so may replace it with Tiger or Panther. My current Sov/Ger deck winrate is around 65%-75%

Menshevik - 2020-04-08

Panther A got +1 deployment cost in the most recent update; Parade also got +1 cost. This will probably mess up the cost curve, hopefully not so much.

Mysterious Stranger - 2020-09-19
I'll check it out Spoonz, thx
Kalima - 2020-12-02
Menos mal que es baratito en mazo....
PoGtAtO - 2021-04-29
not a chance in the current meta, although last year the deck was god tier

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