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Fast Food - Quick, Cheap, unhealthy

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Main nation : Japan

Support nation : Soviet

Cost : 1188  

Patch version : Theatres of war release

Last update : 2020-07-03 by wild_eyes

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3.7.2020: The Deck is now over 3 Month old, and i have it on my to-do-List to bring it in an more actually form. After the Nerf of Yokusuna, Katusha and the new ToW Solo Cards it need some refreshments. Till i have time to make it, this deck is suspendet. But i think many (new) Players can learn from it anymore. Thank you for some warm words and all the Upvotes (48). If you appreciate my work and want to motivate me to write another in-deep-Guide  you can sure upvote or commentate.

Fast Food

This deck is inspired by The "Meatgrinder“ Deck. Thanks to the Player "Bo0m".

Trying to complete my last Field Marshal as a new player i was searching for a cheap and effective Japanese deck. Unfortunately as a new player, i didn't have the a selection of cards to make the deck as listed. After substituting a few cards, I was surprisied how effective it was .  I felt naming this deck "Fast Food“ as this the Deck is now faster then the "meat Grinder". After many revisions (7 to be exact) and depending on the Meta you can make some easy replacements to be competitive against Aggro, Mid-Range or Control decks.



This is a very fast and aggressive deck that requires you to hit the HQ as often as possible. If you have the Choice to attack the HQ or trade Units. Always choose to  HIT THE FACE. The only times, that you should consider trading is against bombers & artillery and even then hitting HQ has more value. In some cases you should trade to protect your Yokuzona in the frontline. Often you must decide of either doing damage or bringing a Unit to Frontline. Making this decision depends if you will need more units for lethal or how low on HP the Opponent is. In the early stages of the game you should prefer more Units in the frontline over direct damage.

The key to sucess for this deck is Speed! You have to win in the first couple of moves. Your deck will run out of steam normally by Turn 8 or so. If executed correctly the fastest win i have achieved without a Resign was Turn 3 with 21 Damage.

Versus other Aggro you are often the faster Version. Only a Japan/German-Blitz Deck with the 35t-Tank from Germany can be faster, if he come out with 0 OP Cost. Against Jap/Ger-Decks you can fight for the Board instead of only going Face.

In all other Matchups you must make Pressure, Pressure, Pressure …

We want the Opponent to make Trades because this means we will be spending Kredits doing Damage to HQ while he is spending his Kredits attack your units


General Problems: AOE /Guards and how to handle

Your Units have nearly no Hitpoints and every AOE can clear your board. You cannot avoid this and as a real Kamikaze, you don´t fear the Death.

Some Opponents have strong Guards.

a) You have Sendai and Amphiboius Ambush for that. Use it Wisely. If the Meta will be slower take a seconds Sendai and maybe a second Ambush.

b) Boost by Typ 25/Close Combat/Buff Panzers + Ping: Hopefully you can trade the Guard without lose too much Speed



+++ Best Unit to start is the 34 Regiment. Ignore the Burn, most time you only see half of the Deck. Russian 554th (0k) is also good if you have an 1K Unit. 15 Regiment is a "hold", but sometime i play it on 2 with an Raising Sun.

++ Yokozuka, if you have a 1k Unit or especially in bad matchups. With Yokuzuna you can bee greedy and make some crazy things with buff + fury!  Sometimes hold a Katusha, if you face another Japanese Aggro Deck, Sickle only if i think you know what kind of deck you are playing (Brit Commandos, American 109 Supply or another Face Deck.) Otherwise you have enough Sickle to draw one. 

+ Raising Sun only if you have an perfect start like 34th, 15th and Raising Sun on Hand.



You will be emptying your deck very quickly so try keeping the balance of applying Pressure versus drawing cards . You have 4 Sickles and 4 Raising Suns in your arsenal . If you don´t draw, you run out of Gas too fast.



a) Continuous pressure and unrelentless damage to the HQ. You will always have more units in the Frontline then Defenders in Backline. For example don't be afraid to drive your Chi Ha forward and attack the HQ for 4k Costs at the Time you don´t have Units in Hands.
b) Close Combat for Burst when you have 2 or more units in the fronline for minimum value, maybe a second Close Combat can be included.
c) Yokozuka: Applying buffs on this unit can burst his damage output to  8-12 damage. If the Opponent can´t kill Yokuzuna, he will lose most of Time. If me make some consessions to deal with him, our other Units can get into striking position.
d) Lucky Puncher: The Opponent can counter your deck and leave you running out of cards so considering putting in Akita (Mito, but i don´t play it in this List) can bring in 2 HP for the Kill. On turn 8 we have 4 Damage with the  blitzing Shiden or 8 Damage on turn 11 by Blitzing Shiden twice. (If the Meta will be slower, you can maybe include a second one).



The Stength of the Deck as a new Player with no full Collection of Cards was the "easy" Replacements, if you understand the Ideas of the Deck. I give you some Hints:

I ) If you dont have the Shiden insert Hien,  because we want to have the surprise and Lucky Punch Effekt. Otherwise this is one d) in our winning Plan. Normaly you go via Plan a) and need Help Fighting the Guards. Insertation of a second Sendai oder second Close Combat would be fine.

II) If you dont have Yokozuka: Plan c) is away. If you often play against unfurtunaly Matchups, i insert first a second Shiden/Hien to have an greater Chance of Plan d). If you have the Cards you can insert 41 th Bicyle Infrantry and Lighting Conquest and take away 321 rifles. If you don´t have it, you could insert any good Infrantry like the  last Akita or the Mito.

III) If you don´t have Close Combat, insert a second Sendai, a second Ambush to be better against Guards. Or take Final Push/Juggernaut

IV) You don´t have the Sendai or Amphibious Attack, take a second Sendai for the Amphibious or a second Amphibious for the Sendai. If you don´t can it replace it inside, you could take an soviet "Hammer". Otherwise take an Final push/Juggernaut and hope the best you could breaktrough. . Isolation is fine and good and i think about to give this a chance in my deck.  

V) All Infrantry could find easy Replacements. Good Infranty are: last Akita, Mito, 554th / 321th. Otherwise the Order "For Prosperity"/ "For the Emporer"


Last Words:

I hope you enjoy it. I have an perfect 17-0 for Field Marshall and a fast climbing on the Ladder in my first Season (02-2020)

Don´t restrain your questions! Ask me on Discord (wildeyes#9289) or in Game (wild_eyes#3398). English is not my mother tongue. If you speak German please let us talk in German and sorry for my bad English. But like my Professor said: The World Language is BAD ENGLISH, not good english. *laughing*

In the last Days the Deck have some Problems in the Meta. After you have an feeling for the deck, you can make some changes. Maybe i can give you some Update Time to Time. At the Moment i try to learn more other decks.



wild_eyes - 2020-03-06

After some guys wish more Replacement Ideas ... i insert an extra Chapter.

Nekrodamus - 2020-03-06

As a Hearthstone player I call this deck 'Deamonic Murlocs' ????  I miss all the rare stuff listed but the deck works well without those cards.

wild_eyes - 2020-03-06

As a Heathstone Player ... i Call it an Zoo ... ;o)

Wing HKG - 2020-03-14

When my Jap air deck become harder to climb FM, I tried this low cost deck and it's so impressive!

Even better than my current Ger Blitz FM deck and aggressive than the Jap/Ger burn deck long time ago. Thanks!

My version is: 
2 x Amphibious Attack
3 x Type 97 Chi-Ha
1 x 2nd Raiding Bridage (Elite) replacing 321st Rifle Regiment

wild_eyes - 2020-03-17

Thank you and good sucsess with this.

321th is allways the first candiate for changes and Raiding Brigade is a good canidate. Not so sticky (thats why the 321 is in the deck) but a other aggressive option.

Replacing one Type 97 with an amphibious Attack is ok. Other canidate is on model 25.

berkyb - 2020-04-22

Had to make a few subs because I couldn't afford to create some of the more expensive cards yet but, wow, I'm having great results with this. Thank you!

wahoowa - 2020-04-24

Such a sick deck even without the elites. Thank you for the effort!

Hazlow_1879 - 2020-04-26

Awesome deck, just achieved my first ever FM with it. 

Krossieg - 2020-04-26

Awesome deck! even without Yokosuka reg., it's a great deck. I'm on my way to FM without losing any game yet.

Thanks for posting it and for the how-to-play it comments, wild_eyes. Great job!

Krossieg - 2020-04-28

I got to Field Marshall yesterday, my first one in the game (I started playing one week ago), only losing two times.

This deck is great!

These are the changes I did to fit my collection:

  • Bicycle Regiment for 321st. Rifle Reg.
  • Juggernaut for Close Combat
  • Hien for Shiden 
  • Mito Reg. for Yokosuka Reg.

Thanks for the deck wild_eyes!

Nerf - 2020-05-21

Fantastic guide, a lot of effort was put into all the details and was very enjoyable to read. Thanks!

Ofer6 - 2020-05-30
New to forum...I see people posted "here is my deck" where are they? I'd love to see what cards they are playing including this one...but um / where is it?
TeutoburgForest - 2020-06-02
@Ofer6 top right of the post. Hover with your mouse over it and you will see card detail. Also I read a comment somewhere from a user that couldn't see the decks, tourned out it was because of the browser he used.
Popotako - 2020-07-06
I'm loving it even if outdated. I replaced the kards I didn't own with Mitos, AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT, and Cheap removal orders. Also used a Zero which has come very handy paired with the Shiden. Always attack HQ! I've found very very easy wins except for heavy guarded Decks which are a real pain, but there's where the Mito shines with 4-8 HQ damage per match is very worth it IMO. Thnaks for the deck, waiting to see the update!
TaserDonut - 2020-07-07
Wild, you created a monster.... will you be strong enough to kill it once the time comes?
wild_eyes - 2020-07-08
TaserDonut: Sure, i must fight my own Golem if i´m facing it. And i´m facing it sometimes and if my opponent have an perfect draw, im dead without an chance. If a player understand the Deck-Idea (i try to transport it), it is realativ easy to play. Actually, this is not my favorite Aggro-Version in the current Meta. But you can transpose all insights to similar Decks.
AbdunPak - 2020-09-01
Thanks a lot, Sir Wild_eyes. This was the deck which allowed me to reach Field Marshal with Japan for the first time. It remains the only deck I have ever copied and used as such. I hope it helps all other new players too :-

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