Top-5 February

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Main nation : Soviet

Support nation : Germany

Cost : 4140  

Patch version : February 2020 cards balance

Last update : 2020-02-29 by Drogear

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Top-5 February "Molotov-Ribbentrop"

The end version that I playing looks like this and it is in my opinion the most effective overall deck at this very moment.

Made changes the last 48h of the season to better fight the growing number of mid/laterange decks.

Had to gain draw and late game power but it weakens against rush decks. 

If you feel that rush decks are more frequent use 15h moto.

-2x 15th Moto
+2x Artic convoy

With 15th moto
+Strong vs rush

With Artic convoy
+Strong vs mid/late

Quick run down of the deck 

15 Cards for provides draw, most with multifunktion .

German powercards controll enemy draw and hand (Panther A, Wolfpack)

845th Rifles and 329th Engineer provides healing. 

Comes by the midrange units.

Earlier seasons you find here. 
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BadgerW4 - 2020-03-22

There were several cards in here I just don't have (no Panzer IIIs, no 83rd Naval, no 4th Kuban Cossacks), or only have one of (only 1 Chaika, 1 Panther A, 1 Yak 9), so I had to do a good bit of substituting, (went with a couple of 15th rifles to have something to open with, which fits what you said in the commentary anyway, 2 Panzer 35s, again, for quick opening, an extra Hammer, 1 Panzer IV F2, and a Tiger I-H), but after struggling all month trying to find a Soviet deck that could get me to FM, this deck did it.  My frustration level was pretty uber-high before I found this, so I wanted to take the time to thank you.

TheChoice - 2020-05-20

Drogrear what USA list are you playing in the top 5?

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