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The Priestess of Victory (Feb FM Aggro)

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Main nation : USA

Support nation : Soviet

Cost : 432  

Patch version : Bloody Sickle nerf

Last update : 2020-02-15 by TaserDonut

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Despite its name, I made this deck to challenge Scientiavore's Low Rarity Arty Aggro with my own kind of spice - messy deck that works like a charm. Also ironically enough, there is not a strict way to play it despite the fact that it is hinting towards tempo. There is only one strategy, which is quick board superiority followed by a lightning-fast kill. In mulligan, grab the cheapest stuff you can have, I prefer to have a greyhound (just one), a single 17th infantry, a T19 howitzer and anything from the following three - Naval Bombardment, Awoken Giant, Katyusha (depending on if i want to stall because mulligan did not end up as planned, control the enemy when he is also aggro or just go full assault mode myself).  Anything else can simply be drawn later. If you feel like you do not have enough power in your hand - Arctic convoy to draw your chompers. Your worst matchup are control germans, careless talk is way too annoying to play against if your enemy has multiple of them. Otherwise you should be able to deal with approximately everything (the approximately is there because anyone can have bad luck). Enjoy!


TeutoburgForest - 2020-04-25

I didn't have all the cards for the low rarity aggro, but I tried a variant of it and got stuck at mayor. Then I found this one, and played a very similar version of it (I changed anti-aircraft and anti-tank for 2 katyushas, I don't have artic convoy so I put a bloody sickle, also I have different american bombers from the listed above with similar cost). It got me easily to field marshal, so thank you very much for your help.

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