Immortal Honor

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Main nation : Japan

Support nation : Soviet

Cost : 780  

Patch version : Catalyst Release

Last update : 2021-05-06 by uilianries

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This deck is based on Fast Food (

However I don't have all Kards (most elite) listed there, so I did some changes.

It works pretty similar, however, if you lost your ground in a counter-attack, or you only have order cards, Scouting Party (4) can save your game.

Try pushing as harder you can with blitz cards and adding tanks to your support line. All tanks in this deck will give +1/2 infantry support.

Keep Amphibious assault in case of a counter-attack (German and USA usually start a strong counter-attack after round 6)

Amphibious Assault is your best choice against Guards. (British and Soviet decks can be a headache)

If a strong and dangerous card arrives, Sendai Regiment is your best option, but keep it protected.

For weak infantry usually 3a/1d, Bloody Sickle solves your problem. It's a good card for the initial hand.

In a good match, you will be able to win in less than 6 rounds. Usually, if you fail to pressure until round 3, your chances of winning downs considerably, but you still can counterattack.

Some cards which can badly hurt this deck:
- Eagle Claws: It will destroy all your support lines. If used in the middle game, it will be a big problem, only Scouting Party could restore your line.
- Naval Operation: It may destroy all your cards. Be careful when playing against another Japanese deck
- Winter Warfare: It will affect your enemy too, but if you control the field, it will exterminate most of your units.
- Desperate Measures: Probably will destroy all your cards on the field.
- Tora! Tora! Tora!: Cheap (2k) and may destroy all your units
- The Empire Strikes: Not so cheap, but may destroy all your units
- Carpet Bombing: It cost 7k, so be careful, if played, it will be in middle-game and might destroy all units
- Strategic Bombing: Similar to Eagle Claws, but much more expansive. It will weaken you in the middle game.
- Shelling: Not so cheap and may destroy all your units.


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