Unternehmen Seelöwe (Operation Sea Lion)

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Main nation : Germany

Support nation : Britain

Cost : 2520  

Patch version : Catalyst Release

Last update : 2021-04-26 by VectorSketch

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A deck about building critical mass with German Armour. Has quite a few bounce cards to stop your enemy from getting too far before you can build up. Ideally, want to combine multiple german tanks with the Panzer III-F and Panzer III-E. The former gives all german tanks blitz, and the latter gives blitz tanks +2 attack. It has two 5th Panzergrenadiers for if you need to double shot to save yourself or to deal 12 damage in one turn with a Panther G. Generally try to mulligan for some countermeasures and Panzer 38(t) or 59th Panzergrenadier to deny your opponent the frontline. This deck has very few guards and no base healing, so you need to hold the enemy off until you can build your forces. Probably the most difficult opponent to face would be Japanese Air, as they have many blitz planes that can avoid your armour entirely. It's quite an expensive deck with 5 elites, so if you are missing some you can replace them with more German armour, Greif, Fast Heinz, or more guards, etc. depending on your playstyle.


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