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Lowcost FM anti-tank deck

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Main nation : Germany

Support nation : Soviet

Cost : 480  

Patch version : Bloody Sickle nerf

Last update : 2020-02-09 by TaserDonut

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This deck got me to FM with Germans so I thought I might share it, now that i got my stars. It has a lot of versatility and you can use any strategy you want (even though a very greedy aggro can be very dangerous, since twice the pride double the fall is a thing that works in Kards way too hard). Usual ways of using it are slow aggro, control or stall and whip the big boys out later (wolfpack approves the last one).

You have your draw, you have your removal, you have your trades... only thing that can pressure you a bit is economy, so you need to play carefully since every mistake is harmful, even if you recover (so please, do not forget to attack with units you put jug on). You do not have any really bad matchups, but heavy decks and ultra aggro may be tricky to play against, so deal with them accordingly (Against heavy decks you have your own share of aggro, artillery aggro may I point out and against aggro you have the sweet combo of soviet guards and good old red october, katyusha, eagle claws and sudden strike also help).

There you have it, a strong deck with low rarity (Yeah wolfpack is special but that is the only one, so you should not have problems with crafting).


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