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USA/Soviet Artillery FM

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Main nation : USA

Support nation : Soviet

Cost : 792  

Patch version : January 2021 balance patch

Last update : 2021-01-23 by Sir Admiral Kled

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Hello, this is my second deck I am sharing here. So, your main goals with this deck are:
1) Find early units in your mulligan, your best bets are M8 and T19, cos it will allow you to set up on the frontline and have some trades
2) Try to not overcommit in order to not get your board wiped with an aoe
3) If possible, try to roll out T-34
And for the adjustments for the deck:
1) Sherman didn`t work for me at all, because you dont really have much USA units to move on a frontline
2) 42nd RIFLES may be switched for the other beefy 3 kredit play
3) Death from above is ok, but if you decided to switch 42 RIFLES, you may choose some soviet removals
And dont be shy to use your patriotic firestorm to take value trades, cos there are so much artillery on the board it will be hard for your opponent to play a unit safely afterwards, also it is great for lethals)
I guess that`s it, thanks for your attention, good luck and fell fre to comment:3


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