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Blitzkrieg Kamikaze

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Main nation : Germany

Support nation : Japan

Cost : 1116  

Patch version : November 2020 balance patch

Last update : 2020-11-23 by Moosedogg

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I wanted a good agro Intermediate deck that stays reliably lethal up to turn 10+  I am working with the cards I have so I was a bit limited. I originally wanted to go Japan Blitz but I decided the Bismarck was a must for how I want to play. Your win conditions are to bleed the opponent dry of HQ health. Only VERY situational do you want to attack any of his units. Full Blitzkrieg Kamikaze. You are looking to chisel away at his HQ using the 361. Afrika Regiment to move into the front line and the Mito Regiment and Panzer 35t. I can't make this clear enough. Get AS MANY hits directly on his HQ as you can early game because this is where the deck truly shines. All the early work is setting you up for turn 8. Ki-61 Hein is your dagger. You only have one so don't play before turn 8 unless you absolutely have to this card is only used for a killshot turn 8+ can also be coupled with Honor if need be and I included one Breakthrough so if the opponent has a guard unit you can still use the Dagger play turn 8. If all of this has failed do not worry. By turn 10 his HQ should be on one leg at the minimum. Play Bismarck coupled with Air Raid and you should do him in. With this deck being new I haven't gone up against a very tanky opponent that spams Guards and HQ heal although I feel it could be a headache. But don't worry too much about board control with this deck, Most of your units you actually want to die for the HQ dmg. TLDR: This deck is about throwing lots of light jabs to set the opponent up for a knockout punch turn 8 or the Haymaker turn 10. Good starting hands. . . 15th Cav - Rising Sun - From the Deep - Sudden Strike - 361. Afrika Regiment. . . I always like to have the Afrika Regiment in hand early to guarantee I can get it dropped while my 15th Cav still owns the front line. I like to have FTD and Sudden Strike in my hand early because they're cheap and very effective. If you don't have From the deep I would replace it with another Sudden Strike. The reason I love sudden strike for this deck is because it is a MUST that your units are able to control the front line turns 1-4 to ensure your Afrika Regiment are hammering away at the opponent HQ. The Neblwerfer serves as a very good decoy for other units becuase it demands the opponents immediate attention or else it does free damage on the HQ plus pimp slaps an enemy unit for 1 damage.

I have also won countless games using Retaliate after I've thrown all my men to their deaths and got the enemy HQ low and now the enemy has a full board ready to grind my HQ to dust but if he has a unit with more attack than his HQ Hp he is done for.


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