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<3 Macchi Jap-Ita Air Deck

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Main nation : Japan

Support nation : Italy

Cost : 1656  

Patch version : October 2020 balance patch

Last update : 2020-11-06 by Spuntamatite

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It's simple, get on the board before your opponent and spam Fiat C.R.42 for intimidation (you won't have enough credits to operate all of them), get to the frontline fast and smorc hard to get your Fiat G.55 active as soon as possible, trade efficiently with the Macchis (<3 Macchi), and seal the deal with For the Emperor. If everything fails, slam down Signal Regiment and keep that damage happening. Note: if you start getting behind just concede, is more efficient.


jjjon123 - 2020-11-15
If you dont have some of the elites, burst of fire works really good with this deck since the air units are all one cost.

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