Top-5 January

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Main nation : Britain

Support nation : Germany

Cost : 4692  

Patch version : Bloody Sickle nerf

Last update : 2020-02-01 by Drogear

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"The Commonwealth"

This is the latest version of the deck I played the most throughout the season. Yes it has elites in it so the cost might be steep for new players.

The season has been dominated by a very fast and aggressive meta and I want to play the game as I always do. Slow and steady with a high winrate.

9 cards in the 1-2K range to stop the initial rush. Both The Arado, Monty and Albacore is cards that is usefull throughout the game. 5th Brigade beeing the card that really looses power in the late game but its so strong early on its essential for the deck.

Draw comes from 9 cards that all but Convoy HX 175 have a dual purpose. Monty, 2 Arado, Convoy HX 175, 2 M15, Ultra, 2 Panzer III-H.

Always liked Fortification. The card is awsome in the right game but renderd almost useless against others. In games when HP gain is useless in its self The Commonwealth is providing the deck with a massive 20-hp dump.

MI5, Wolkfpack, Panther A, RAAF Lighting F-4 and Annihilation are powerfull tools to control opponents hand.
The win comes by midrange tank/air units and/or The Commonwealth.

Convoy HX and MI5s can be replaced with 3 Desert rats to better combat rush decks. 


Optimistic Doomsayer - 2020-02-01

Finally lost a game after 10 matches or so. Powerful deck!

christian.baus - 2020-02-20

What´s about an 2nd. Commenwealth for an more calculable draw of commonwealth in turn 12?

In Turn 2 you have 37,5% Chance to have ist (if you dont mulligan hard for it) with 2 of them near double the Chance.

What will you turn out if you agree?

And Congratulation for win the World Championship!



christian.baus - 2020-02-24

sorry, the commenwealth is an elite card, my failture.

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