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"Gotta Go Fast" -- Japanese/Soviet Aggro, Season 10 Winning Deck

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Main nation : Japan

Support nation : Soviet

Cost : 3600  

Patch version : Bloody Sickle nerf

Last update : 2020-02-01 by TowerNumberNine

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I used this deck to win Season 10 and consider it very strong. I had originally based it on a deck that I saw Darkness using on stream (respect), but adapted it somewhat to my own style. I also made a few modifications as I crafted new cards (the N1K-J Shiden was the last Elite to go in) and changed some other options to better fight the meta I was observing. During the season, this deck was nerfed twice, with changes to Juggernaut and then later to T-80 and Bloody Sickle. Despite these nerfs, I was still having good success with the deck at the end of the season and I believe it is still very competitive.

Perhaps the most surprising change was eliminating the 15th Cavalry Regiment (1 cost 0 ops 2/1 Blitz infantry), which I had originally considered pretty core. I found that many players had begun using low damage anti-aggro cards like Bloody Sickle or Awoken Giant, as well as "ping" damage from cards like Katyusha or Nebelwerfer 42, and wanted to increase my resilience to such attacks, so I replaced them for a while with the Type 97 Chi-Ha and then later with the Takasagi Regiment, which proved quite a helpful card for winning against other aggro decks.

Similarly, I had tried the Akita Regiment and the Mito Regiment, but I found the stats and operation costs on these units pretty annoying compared to my other choices. The Akita Regiment's randomness also did not appeal much, though I acknowledge it can be strong in the right context. I think these units fit better in the "direct damage to HQ" Japanese/German variation of the deck.

Right now I consider the 34th Infantry Regiment (1 cost 0 ops 2/3 infantry, mills your top card at end of turn) to be quite overpowered and basically the key card here. These guys are better than almost anything an opponent will have out early (barring Zhukov -> 4th Kuban Cossacks or whatever) and their downside is mostly not real, since most games end well before you go through your deck (though sometimes it can hurt vs. pinning spam or Brit air). They are great at winning the early game and putting the opponent on the back foot.


In terms of overall gameplan, this deck is still very aggro despite the modifications. You want to get your powerful early game units onto the front line quickly, then use the card draw from Bloody Sickle, Rising Sun, and 33rd Recon to fuel your pressure. 10 of this deck's cards provide some form of draw, which lets you keep up a lot of pressure with strong cheap effects. In some cases, using Bloody Sickle on your own 33rd Recon can be a good way to draw more in a pinch. If confronted by strong units that don't have Guard, I often just go face -- this deck is likely going to be disadvantaged in the late game against most opponents, so you want to pressure them and try to take the lead early.

In general you want to mulligan for your early game stuff. 34th Infantry Regiment is among the best cards to have in an opening hand, as is T-80 and 1st YokosukaRising Sun is good if you're going first and have a 1-drop or two, though I often mulligan it if going second and in need of strong early plays. Type 93 is not as good early unless you have other stuff that does well with it, and I almost always mulligan anything that costs more than 3 in an opening hand with this. Even 2nd Raiding Brigade is sometimes a card I throw back, though that's very matchup-dependent. Bloody Sickle is slightly matchup-dependent but usually worth keeping if you have at least some early units.

Most matchups are probably favorable for this -- slow decks don't really have a lot of time here and your early strength can overwhelm other aggressive decks like German blitz or Russian Light Infantry spam. The hardest "normal" matchup is Brit Air, but while difficult I consider it quite winnable -- decks that are heavily teched for anti-aggro with cards like Sudden Strike, Flammpanzer, etc. can also be difficult, as can AoE/pin spam decks, but the latter are much rarer now that Japanese OTK has been nerfed.


Thoughts on specific cards that are somewhat more complex in their use:

Juggernaut can be used to intensify pressure further (especially strong with Fury units) and sometimes lets you trade favorably, though the likelihood of its enabling a unit to live after a fight has gone down after the nerf. Note that a unit with Juggernaut will die if Pinned or forced to Retreat (though you can sometimes counter a Retreat with Lightning Conquest), so this can be a risky move if confronted by Pinning spam.

Katyusha is somewhat random but can be very strong in the right circumstances. In general, I strongly prefer not to rely on randomness if possible. You don't want to have a turn that is awful if you miss the 50-50 if you can at all help it; for this reason it can be useful to have a Type 93 to buff this up to 2 guaranteed damage. Similarly, Bloody Sickle can be a good "finisher" if you miss the 50-50 and need that extra point of damage.

Type 93 is very weak on its own but a good buff for your other units, and in a pinch this can be used as an attacker (especially with Juggernaut). I often hold back on playing this card if I don't have relevant things for it to buff, as there is a risk of it being picked off by "ping removal". In some ways you can view this as a combat trick that sticks around afterwards (and can move to the front for Rising Sun if needed).

Isolation is a great way to give your opponent a setback for a turn. In rare cases it can also be used to save one of your own units (especially relevant with N1K-J Shiden or a pinned/Retreated Juggernaut), but a large majority of the time I play it on an opponent. Note that this is extra strong against units that have had buffs played on them, as those buffs will go away when the unit returns -- however, the unit will also come back at full health (and Alpine will trigger again if applicable), so using this on a large HP unit that you were close to killing anyway might prove to be a bit double-edged.

Sendai Regiment is good temporary removal, though it can stick around longer if the opponent does not have something to kill it with. If a very powerful unit has been removed, it may be best to keep this guy in the back so that Smokescreen protects him longer -- however, if a more basic unit has been removed or you've achieved board control such that the unit originally removed no longer matters much, it can be good to attack aggressively with your Sendai Regiment. Gotta keep the pressure on! Note that in some situations, this unit might be safer on the frontline than the back line if playing against an opponent running Tactical Strike.

Lightning Conquest is a very powerful combo card. When combined with 1st Yokosuka or 41st Bicycle Regimentespecially with Juggernaut or Type 93 in support, you can suddenly put out a lot of damage. However, in some cases this can be strong to play even without the combo if it lets you intensify pressure with units that started in the back line, especially if it lets you take down targets that might otherwise be major obstacles (Ambush units in the frontline, artillery, etc.)

Desperate Measures and Bombing Raid are both powerful AoE direct damage cards that can hit the enemy HQ as well as their units. The downside of Desperate Measures is often not relevant unless you are playing it early in the game, as the deck's curve is extremely low. If you are playing against this deck, it is important to take Bombing Raid into account when planning your formations -- suffering an unnecessary two- or three-for-one can be your deathknell in a close match.

N1K-J Shiden is a "finisher" unit that can be used to do 4 "surprise damage" at 8 Kredits or 8 "surprise damage" at 11 Kredits (more if supported by Type 93). In some cases you might play it earlier -- note that if you play it on your 5-Kredit turn you can then attack twice for 8 on your 6-Kredit turn. Watch out for Tactical Strike if playing this out early against Germans, though!


Overall I hope you guys enjoy this, and if you have anything I think I'm getting wrong I'd be happy to hear it, as despite my good results this last season I am still a relative newcomer and might be missing something that can help make this build even stronger!


1 Tim 1:17


[BZH ] eTo - 2020-02-01


Y-crad - 2020-02-03

ok cringe

Spooz_Twitch - 2020-02-03

This deck feels like cheating :D Nice work!

Isenberg - 2020-02-04

Longest description i've ever read, great job

Csonti - 2020-02-05

Impressive but a bit disheartening since I probably have less Elite units all together than the amount in this deck. :) 

Res1dence - 2020-02-22

Crafted half the number of cards in this deck, and it made me keep winning a whole afternoon with only 2 lose. Very nice job!

Wing HKG - 2020-04-15

Replaced "Isolation" and "Bombing Raid" with Amphibious Assault x 2

My low cost Jap FM aggro deck never work this season. Go back to this deck, FM easily. Some enemy surrender around T5. Compared with most other Jap aggro decks, "Bloody sickle" and "Katyusha" are more effective early removal/units.

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