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German/US Cannot Be Targeted Control Top 50 January

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Main nation : Germany

Support nation : USA

Cost : 2288  

Patch version : Bloody Sickle nerf

Last update : 2020-02-06 by DKA897

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My primary deck for the second part of January which helped secure me a top-50 placement. A control deck built around all of the untargetable units. Uses all of the German and US anti aggro cards to build into the middle rounds and then uses big tanks to push. Strong against control and most aggro (Japan aggro will beat you if it draws well, it is just how it goes with that deck right now), especially pin and Brit decks (eats planes, for the most part). Struggles with tokens but can win with the right draws. US can hurt if you don't play around their bombers. Can struggle against Resistance. 

Try to mulligan for your removal. Deploy Gebirgs turn 2 and hopefully get some value out of that through trading or baiting out removal like DFA, thus protecting your tanks later on. As the game drags on use all your German bounce to get a board advantage and push, just like most German control. If you get Panther G to stick, hit their face and force them to throw stuff at it. Know your matchups (keep anti-aggro against Germany, USSR, and Japan, keep removal for US, be more aggressive against Brits).

Komet can be cut for another Nebelwerfer if you want more aggro and tempo, or another Tac Strike or Sky Barons depending on the meta at the time. Tiger is kind of a win more card, but it can also be the difference if your opponent runs out of removal on all your other stuff. I like Eagle Claws to help against tokens, which can be a big problem if they draw well. Let their 1 drops stick until you get a Flammpanzer - don't waste other removal on them unless they either become buffed. 


Note: There should be 2x 141. Gebirgsjager in this but the client won't display it. Add accordingly. 


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