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cheap artillery (S17 FM)(top 100)

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Main nation : USA

Support nation : Soviet

Cost : 852  

Patch version : September 2020 balance patch

Last update : 2020-09-25 by rayson366458

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This is a cheap artillery deck. Mostly it is an OTK deck. Here is some tips/card exchange(if u dun have some of those card)
Patton:Mainly used as a buff to those artillery to blitz attack/otk with patriotic firestorm and artillery.
bloody stickle/awoken giant:to avoid your frontline being stuck by enemy or killing those low def. unit(like japan inf./113 tank)
10th engineers battalion:count it as a forever patriotic firestorm buff for your artillery(never use when turn 1 when your enemy have tank/plane on the deck or u have a M8)
M4 sherman: draw cards(dun use it when turn 4 since u need to fire your artillery to your enemy or his HQ(unless u dun have artillery))

If have resources, u can change P-40 warhawk, 75mm pack howitzer to M18 hellcat(to get frontline/anti tank/act of air blitz) or 1st marines(to get frontline),special deliever(only 1) or strategic bombing(if u have)
If u dun have patton, change it to M8
If u dun have 10th battalion, change it to 17th infntry regiment/for freedom(if u have)
If u dun have the hammer, change it to soviet 45mm anti gun
Thats all!(if u dun believe it can go up to top 100 u can see my result last season)


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