GER/JPN Aggro - Budget, Reached FM Twice [Updated for Season 18]

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Main nation : Germany

Support nation : Japan

Cost : 1164  

Patch version : October 2020 balance patch

Last update : 2020-10-03 by Sinlike

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I got to Field Marshal after many nights of playing in Season 17 (lol rip), and in a few hours this season (note that I started at 4-star Major in Season 18). I just started playing when there were 10 days left in Season 17.

Try to mulligan so you have Blitz units in hand (DO NOT KEEP Air Blitz or Bismarck)- ideally you want to take the front line in turn 2 to set up for some 361. Afrika Regiment advances (depending on the board state, I will prioritize playing 361's over other 3-drops like Panzer 38(t) and Mito Regiment even if I am playing on curve). A good trade is to play 361 turn 3/4, then your opponent pushes into the frontline - on turn 4/5, play Atika/Mito and blitz it into the enemy unit, then push your 361 into the frontline for 3 damage.

I play this deck very aggressively and will put out 361's as soon as possible to force the enemy to react or remove it. I will also play Type 93 as early as turn one, completely unprotected, to try to bait out some removal cards.

What you choose after playing Afrika Korps depends on the board state - if you have a lot of low-cost units in hand (and space for them) take the 15cm Autokanone, if you are confident you can ping down your opponent quickly, choose Komet; ME 262A Schwalbe is great if you know your opponent is air-focused, Panzerzug 61 BP42 is solid if you have been able to consistently hold the frontline, and Leopold is my personal favorite because it's basically overloaded Cyclonic Rift in Magic: The Gathering lol (*NOTE: you should aim to win before needing to play Leopold, but if you get Afrika later on in the match the Fear Cannon is a great choice). If you have board control, play Afrika Korps - I also sometimes play it in favor of other cards so I know how to shape my strategy (ex: frontline-aggresive if I choose Panzerzug, ping damage if I take Komet, stall and value trades if I select Leopold). 

You could tune this further by swapping out Naval Operations and/or 33. Panzergrenadier for better alternatives. I love digging through my deck, so Spoils of War is a personal preference, but you could switch those out for something else. 

Retaliation (LOL) has helped me win a decent percentage of games, however, at General rank Air Blitz was easily my MVP (or MVC, I guess). 22. Infantry Regiment is a close second - if you can consistently control the front line it is a beast, otherwise even a single draw can be helpful (especially if you draw an Air Blitz or draw card). Afrika Regiment also does an insane amount of work, in conjunction with Mito Regiment and Akita Regiment. Nebelwerfer is good for unit ping damage and is spot-removal bait. A6M2 Zero protects against bombers and gives you the single ping. 

I've let the opponent swing into my face with Retaliation up if it puts them into lethal range next turn for an Air Blitz of Bismarck (my most satisfying wins). Keep the pressure on and you can use Missing to try to eliminate a big threat pushing into the frontline.

Lastly, DRAW IS KING, so don't be afraid to use Deadly Duty on yourself just to get card advantage. I've even sacrificed my front line advantage (usually against HQ guards) to try to fish for an Air Blitz or Bismarck. 

Have fun and happy grinding!

-Sinlike =)

You can catch me streaming @ feel free to ask me to play the deck if you need help piloting it.

In-game ID: DJSF


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