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Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily

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Main nation : Soviet

Support nation : USA

Cost : 2028  

Patch version : Imperial decree nerf

Last update : 2020-01-21 by moomoo

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Enjoy playing (almost) full air with soviets and the numerous buffs of this deck. Yes, Russian+American support again :D

Starting hand : trash anything but costs 1 and 2. 4x BLOODY SICKLE and 4x AWOKEN GIANT are the only removals in this deck, with 1x THE HAMMER, so maybe you want to keep THE HAMMER in your starting hand if you have nothing that costs 1 or 2.

Strategy : Just struggle to keep as many planes alive as possible, buff buff buff... I know it sounds weid, but that's it :D. Save the BLOODY SICKLEs for KATYUSHAs, and try to always draw a card out of the AWOKEN GIANTs. Always try to leave the oponent board as clean as poss?ble at the end of your turn. Also try to not trade your I-15 CHAIKA on your turn, it's usually better to le the opponent make the efforts.

Elite replacement : NIGHT WITHES and PARADE can be replaced by 2 Arctic convoy, it might actually be just better, especially for NIGHT WITCHES (But NIGHT WITCHES gives you a better chance of having something to play on turn 1)

Tweak : 1x or 2x PATRITIC FIRESTORM could replace a CADET NURSE/WE CAN DO IT to wrap it up faster


johnnie_walker88 - 2020-01-25

Love it.

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