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Deny and Discard

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Main nation : Germany

Support nation : Britain

Cost : 2784  

Patch version : Imperial decree nerf

Last update : 2020-01-17 by moyang

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A discard-oriented control deck. You make your opponent run out of cards, forcing suboptimal choices. If you deny a draw when your opponent doesn't have a card you are basically getting a free turn.

The reason I'm using the UK ally is for Grounded. It could be seen as a card that sends card to hand + denies a draw. Also, this doesn't trigger Iosif Stalin's ability.

Unfortunatley discard decks doesn't fare well against aggros so I included some anti-aggro cards. But the matchup is still bad. But this deck is good enough to score more wins than losses in current ranked meta.


Oxymoron - 2020-07-09
I run a variant of this deck, it's pretty good.

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